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May 5, 2018
* Hot balls *

Three wife friends were talking and one said:
_OUY! When I make love to John, I touch his balls and they get hot! _
The other says:
_UUUYYY! When I make love to Peter, I touch his balls and they also get hot !! _
And the third says:
_MMM! I haven't realized it, but tonight, when I make love with James, I'm going to touch at it and tell you
The next day, they get together, and the woman arrives with a black eye, a limping arm,cast, all bruised and her friends ask:
_But what the devil happened to you? _
_ What happens? that I was making love with James, and I remembered what we had talked about, so I touched her balls and said:



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Jan 29, 2016
Rib lake wi
Gene loves fishing early in the morning so when he retired he bought a nice cabin on a lake with a very nice dock for his boat.

But the wife has absolutely no interest in fishing, while Gene is gone fishing she loves to read books.

One day Gene goes fishing early in the morning while the wife is sleeping, a few hours later he returns and ties the boat to the dock and goes back to bed, the snoring bothers the wife so she decides to get up and read a book in a different room, well Genes snoring still bothers her so she decides to go out in the boat to read, she takes the boat out a few hundred yards to an area where the sun is shining very nicely and anchors it, after about an hour of reading a DNR officer pulls up next to her and asks what are you doing here ? The lady says isn’t it obvious I’m reading a book ? The officer replies this is a no fishing area so I’m going to have to fine you, the lady replies I’m not fishing I’m reading a book in my husbands boat while he is in the house snoring ! The officer replies your boat has all the equipment for fishing so I have to write you a $191.00 ticket. So he writes the ticket and hands it to her, she looks at it and says well this is nothing compared to the lawsuit you just got yourself into, the officer replies with a smile what lawsuit is that ? The lady says the lawsuit for molesting me ! The officer replies but I never even touched you ! The lady replies but you have all the equipment .