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turn signal replacement
Yup, I also broke mine.......first in a drop, which I repaired with JB Weld, then broke that in a minor bump (because the JB Weld made it completely rigid. there's a little flex in the stock turn signal) . So I'm waiting for a replacement as I write this. Having a little trouble removing the broken one, though. Seems to have two flanges (female) that you spread to allow the male tabs
Hi Markus, it was a pleasure to get to know you. I think your pace was just fine and was impressed with your off-road riding, considering you don't do much of it. Some of that terrain was a bit challenging. (those dang rocks!). As for the gas, you owe me nothing. Please consider it a little "American hospitality". If I ever do make it up that way, it would be great to see you and Calvin. Peace.
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