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standing and walking better, but not sure I can handle to height and weight of the bike. I will attempt to downsize significantly. Still have the T though and do miss riding it. It is plugged in and ready to go.
Had my ECU reflashed by AVC8130. I'm Loving it! We've got to get together and I want you to ride my bike and experience the difference! I was fine with the bike before. I wasn't expecting much just wanted more efficiency and complete fuel burn. I've always adjusted to my bikes. But I feel more of a one-with-the-bike feeling. I can't describe it. It's like the bikes does what I want it to do with less input from me?
I would like to ride a flashed bike. I ass-ume that the throttle is smoother, and less drastic. I think that my kid's FJR is likely flashed. The throttle input is less on/off. He also gets higher mileage, and has a higher top speed than other FJRs post. The thing is....I love the instant on/off of my throttle as is. It is anything but sloppy. I'm starting to think people post s**t, just to get a reaction.
Hi looking for a tenere flash rmuff@sasktel.net
Where are you located rmuff? I am in Regina and noticed your email. Cheers, Terry
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Hi in Swift Current
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