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In response to your Dutch company question - Topigs Norsvin. located in Vught on outskirts of Den Bosch. Its a pig genetics company. Based in The Netherlands. I run the US company.
Hello ZO6, I'm trying to get my S10 set up for trailering, and just read through the trailering thread. I see that you were making hitches for the S10, are you still doing that? If so could you give me details? I'm getting ready to purchase a used kwik kamp pop-up and hope to get it all working before the first of the year.
2013 XT1200Z Super Tenere, bought it used a couple years ago. I'm no pro, but think this is the perfect bike for my HQ in Colorado Springs, (previous was a big Twin-V road bike). It's fast enough on the twisties and competent on the dirt roads.
Onslaut, sale pending payment from another member but if he bails on me I will let you know. This shield fits all gen 1 tenere's 2012-2013