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Someone has said on the forum that you make them hooks for the Locking Mechanism on THE STANDARD YAMAHA PANNIERS, if so could I have 1 for each side, Please advise on cost and postage to United Kingdom, would be a great help, just cant buy anything like that in UK ,Regards Andy of Wales,UK.
Greetings. retired FF in the Seattle area. Can't wait for the rain to stop. Going to Death Valley in May. Any advice / tips appreciated. Safe travels.
Hello Andy, this is Mike (mcrag). You sent me message about the 2015 Tenere ES I have for sale. I don't know why, but I was unable to reply to your message - it said "this message is closed for new replies". Anyway, let me know what questions you may have. Might be better if you just email at mcr67@hotmail.com.
I'd like to buy the boxes. Busted mine in WA last year. Shipping to 97040 - I have a FedEx and UPS number to use.
Let me know.

Hi Anthony, have a bone stock 2018 ST which needs flashing, Unrestricted 1st to 3rd gears and eliminate the twitchy throttle and hard engine braking . Email is slowphil47@gmail.com. Thanks
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