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I's sleepy and reread your post stating the grips are yamaha. I have a few other questions about your bike. Have you redone the cam tensioner or reflash the ecm?
This won't let me attach photo's. Can you email me at dmorgan281@shaw.ca and I can send them to you.
For your top plate I can look and see if I still have my aluminum Givi top plate I had powder coated black. Hardware and instructions included. I can send you down some pics of it. Not out to make anything out of it. $20 plus shipping from up here which would probably be about $40.
Yes please. If you have some photos would be interested. I assume that top plate would accept either top case size of 42 or 58 litre? (I think those are the sizes). The larger top case might be excessive no? I know it is personal preference just don’t want to go small and have buyer’s remorse. You have amazing cycling terrain up there! Jealous.
Damn, shipping costs suck.
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