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Hey OldRider, need 2 sets of rear spokes for a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 shipped to Lawrencevill, GA, do you sstill sell those? First post here and I don't know how to PM
That would be 8 spokes @ 3.50 ea. and 5.00 shipping, $33.00 total. My Paypal is bgcycles@gmail.com
Harley guy for last 200K miles, attempting to learn "adventure". 600 miles practice and will start CDT in 10 days. Stupid? Maybe......
Hi Tom, have got any anti vibration brackets left? I not , can you please let me know ASAP when you will have some more, kind regards, Phil turner , I am in Australia.
Sorry, no more available. The plans are posted here though. “Accessory bar vibrations “
I notice you are in central VA; I am just north of Richmond in Henrico Co. Have a 2012 ST with about 30K miles. (also an FJR)

Did you ever find a suitable scanner? Have you ever checked / adjusted your valves. I'm looking for someone who has done it to look over my shoulder. . . . I have a very well equipped workshop with a Handy Lift and machining and welding equipment.

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