"OFFICIAL" 1st Annual Southern Utah Tenere Rally 2016


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Sep 15, 2014
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*******UPDATE******* Unfortunately due to a family obligation during these date I will be unable to run this Rally. I am seeking someone who would like to take it on. I can't do it. If you are interested please let me know. If not I will be canceling it in 2 weeks. Sorry but need to do this family trip.

*****UPDATE JUNE 21, 2016*****
I got a call from the Zion Ponderosa Resort and they had informed me that another group was wanting to come camp at this resort the same weekend. They were wanting to make sure this was still a go. I told them it was. She asked that people start calling in and reserving a spot and putting down a deposit. She said it would be refundable up to a certain point if you had to cancel. I believe its still the same price of $11 per night. She also wanted to know if people plan on using their restaurant... So if you are planning on going please call the resort and tell them its for the Tenere Rally and get your deposit in so she doesn't give this spot to someone else. That would be a total disaster..

The dates are set and the First Annual Southern Utah Tenere Rally is happening. Save the dates. This will be an Epic Rally with rides to Toroweep Grand Canyon Overlook which in my opinion is the best look of the Grand Canyon you can get. Rides to Cedar Breaks, Kolob Mountain, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park.

The date for the Rally is Tuesday September 20th through Friday September 23rd

I'm going to now start a list of members who would like to go. Please respond to this thread and I will add you to the attendees list.

We will be camping just outside of Zion National Park at the Zion Ponderosa Campground. Tent camping is $11 per night and includes the pool, jacuzzi. There are additional camping options such as RV Parking with full hookups and cabins. Those are additional cost and can't guarantee they will be available. There is also a restaurant on site for meals if needed.

At this time we do not need to make reservations for the "Tent City" that we will be staying at. But I do need to start getting a number of attendees together. So if you plan on going please respond. I will add your Username and where you will be coming from. That way when the time comes you could see if other Tenere riders are coming from your area and ride in together.

For more information about Zion Ponderosa Campground check out there website at www.zionponderosa.com

Working on getting Sponsors to come to the Rally and set up booths for display and sales. This way you can check out new products and get a chance to see first hand some of the things being offered to us as Motorcycle enthusiasts. Thanks to those who have come on board so far to help us out and for giving us swag and product to Raffle off. It's going to be a great event.. As companies commit to the Rally I will ad their Logo to this forum so everyone can see the great Companies supporting this Event.

Attendees List: Coming From
1. LacofdFireman St. George, UT
2. AvGeek Phoenix, AZ
3. Beakless Tehachapi, CA
4. Doug C Canada
5. Don in Lodi Lodi, CA
6. jwhuls S. Indiana
7. BigBob Des Moines, IA
8. Greg Illinois
9. Dmcleane California
10. Tomatocity California
11. Buelligan New Mexico
12. Tabasco? Texas
13. Anwar Namut Idaho
14. 88Millimeter Texas
15. Checkwrecks Maryland
16. polishadam82 California
17. Jeff California
18. JoeR68 Washington
19. Waxanator Washington
20. Oilfieldtrash California
21. echo_four_romeo Texas
22. sumwon Arizona
23. Regulator Pennsylvania
24. dansi Unknown
25. hernia Colorado
26. jbird Indiana
27. Bike Guy California
28. Combat 20 Indiana
29. Norman Bills Arizona
30. Furious Stylz Oregon
31. SR 1355 Michigan
32. Idahohigh Nebraska
33. Saddle-Tramp ?
34. Brasters California
35. baldheaded California
36. jason steel Utah
37. Cafe Racer99 Arizona
38. Storm Rider California
39. itlives Louisiana
40. K7tbt Washington
41. Darth Raven Nevada
42. elbrff Texas
43. pnelson Oregon
44. BWC Canada
45. hodee Texas
46. FrontRangeRider Colorado
47. Shredmeister California
48. NorthwestCajun Washington
49. Heartshot Colorado
50. endurobob California
51. TwoLukes Nevada
52. Firefight911 California
53. duggram New Mexico
54. kenaroo Texas
55. Arkyrider Arkansas
56. Matt B Arkansas
57. eemsreno Iowa
58. Gunner Texas
59. Dougfromindy Indiana
60. Starknaked Pennsylvania

Additional Photos of the Area

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Feb 17, 2015
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Sign me up for 2016....I'm headed to the Zion Ponderosa for the Flying Monkey Adventure Rally in October of this year! I've been there several times and its a great location. plenty of dirt and street options from there.


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Apr 4, 2011
Looks great ! ::008::


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An event board for this now exists.

Put me down as a possible, but I'm the King of Changing Plans.


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Jan 12, 2014
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Re: "OFFICIAL" 1st Annual Southern Utah Tenere Rally 2016

I'm a go also

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