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    Hello from Texas

    Hello from South Texas!
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    The TENEREacity of STROM-A-THON... Apr14-15 Kerrville Tx (Hill Country)

    I'll be hauling my Tenere up from Port Isabel in my little "Blast" Toy Hauler (RV)...and, oh wife too!
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    Denali SoundBomb not working!

    Got myself a multimeter and found that my relay (came with the installation kit) was faulty. Replaced it and the BOMB is back!
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    Turn Signal Replacement

    Replaced both of mine with OEM for about $80 for the set (due to rubber-rot on both) in about an hour over the weekend. Biggest tip I can give is to remove from front headlight and housing (unless you have freakishly small hands). Connection were "plug & play" and very happy with the results.
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    Denali SoundBomb not working!

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'll definitely get me a digital multi-meter and get to tracking down my Denali's issue. BTW...(embarrassing, I know...) ::) where do I locate the horn's fuse? Thanks again...
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    Denali SoundBomb not working!

    Got cut off in traffic the other day and when I went to use my Denali SoundBomb to let him know that I wasn't happy (the very reason I bought the thing)....NOTHING, NADDAH, ZIP!!! OK, where should I start? Thanks!
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    After "buggering up" one of my oil drain threads (and after unsuccessfully trying to repair it with a TIME SERT kit) I decided to replace the entire oil pan. Was able to drop the oil pan - swap the necessary parts from the old one and complete the job in about 1.5 hours with help of my lovely...
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    2018's on the Yamaha site now

    :question: Wha........? No Gold Forks??? That's a deal breaker!
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    Turn Signal Replacement

    What are you guys using for replacement turn signals? Noticed my front right banging around in the slip-stream during my morning commute on my '13 today. Recommended sources? Is it a good DIY project? Thanks
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    So Embarrassed - Rookie Mistake

    Guys....thanks for all the kind responses to my "situation"! After researching my options, I've decided to go with a Time-Sert installation, and then if doesn't take (or I screw THAT up), I'll go with a new bottom pan. Thanks again for all the help..."luv u guyz"!
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    So Embarrassed - Rookie Mistake

    Did a really dumb stunt over the weekend...Oil change time and had my socket wrench set to tighten instead of, well you know. Cranked on the drain bolts (yes both of them), thinking "wow, they are in there tight...), broke them free but in the wrong direction, THEN I figured out why they...
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    For sale 2013 Super Tenere sold

    Re: For sale 2013 Super Tenere $8400 Location?
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    New Member from Texas

    Welcome from yet ANOTHER Texan...the "deep south" type.
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    8 April 17 - Hill Country Strom-Tenere-BMW-KTM-Kawa Group Ride Pictures!

    For those who were in attendance at the recent (8 & 9 Apr 17) Hill County - "Strom-Tenere-BMW-KTM-Versys" group ride...I've located the web-site of a photographer who was set up on the side of one of those great, twisty roads. You have to do a little searching for them, but there are about 5 of...
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    Sup-A-Ten Versys Strom-A-Thon 2017 April Foolishness in Texas 4-7 thru 4-9

    Here's one of the lineup...29 Bikes, could have missed a few late arrivals.