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    Anyone have Tourtech crashbars? Anyone CRASHED with them?

    I dropped my bike in the driveway and they barely have a scuff. The right side cover is a bit trick to get off and on but nothing major. Thankfully no "crashes" to report on.
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    SOLD 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ1200 (with cruise control) Knoxville TN

    Re: 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ1200 (with cruise control) Knoxville TN Wow, bummer no apparent interest in a nicely set up unit at a good price. Hopefully you are on to something with tax refund season being here. I might be interested in some of the other stuff if you are interested in...
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    Lafayette area riders?

    Hey Chickengrease, I used to live in Brookston, nice little town. If you ever find yourself there on a Friday or Saturday night hankering a steak the fillet at the Top Notch is hard to beat for the money! TC's in Battleground has about the best breaded tenderloin around too if that interests...
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    OEM grip heaters stopped working

    +1 on the broken wire. I found this thread this morning, went right to where the wire comes out of the grip molding, cut away the insulation and out popped a broken wire end. Interwebs rule! Thanks Karson! Hands were warm and toasty inside the hippo hands on the first ride of the year.
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    Interstates: Love 'em or hate 'em?

    Agreed, if I'm going to blast down the big road for a day to get where I want to ride I'll even admit to rather being in my truck with the bike on the versahauler. My vacation time is short so I like getting there, being fresh to ride hard and long while there then driving back as late as...
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    Hello from west central Indiana...

    Lafayette here, welcome and enjoy.
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    My new SupTen fell over! Gads!!

    Mine fell over in my driveway, sitting where it had sat before and has sat since, I still don't know how. I blame gravitational fluctuations that day. The crash bars did their job, bent the right passenger footpeg and scuffed the bar end. One of the things I really enjoy about owning an adv bike...
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    Tourmaster Jett 3 Large Blue

    Re: Tourmaster Jett 3 Large Blue-SOLD- Sold
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    Place holder for a sticky summary about batteries and power distribution

    Thanks, I did some more "searching" and did come up with a few discussions on the matter. It has an amazon link to the Yuasa with a few more CCA's than the stocker for around $145. I also found a board that spoke of...
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    Place holder for a sticky summary about batteries and power distribution

    Doesn't seem to be much about replacement battery options on here. Mine is a 12, I've had it for two years and have never been impressed with the amount of "gusto" that it cranks over with. I'm thinking about getting a new battery in there as insurance against problems. Probably not interested...
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome, I just drove through your area this morning on our way back from NYE in Detroit. Enjoy the new ride!
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    Tourmaster Jett 3 Large Blue

    $55 shipped? My gear locker needs the room.
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    Lafayette area riders?

    A short ride with the wife yesterday (christmas) has me longing for warmer weather and longer rides. Are any of you guys in my part of Indiana?
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    Tourmaster Jett 3 Large Blue

    Great Jacket, Like new, just not the one for me. Looks great with Tenere Blue! $65 shipped.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Rode it! Merry Christmas!