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    Happy Trails top box.

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    Crash Bars

    Have Rumbux bottom engine guard for sale
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    Happy Trails top box.

    Happy Trails 58 Litre top box with mounts that replaces the rear seat and rear rack. Box has LED brake and turn signals mounted on it. $150 (see picture of box on bike). Came off my 2013 S10 (sold) Payment via PayPal and you pay freight. Great for commuters or those that do not ride with a...
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    SOLD: Galfer Black Stainless Steel brake line kit

    Sold to Eric R
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    SOLD: Galfer Black Stainless Steel brake line kit

    I have a new, never installed, Galfer Black Stainless Steel brake line kit for sale. Kit contains lines for only the front brakes and clutch. The brake and clutch lines to the master cylinders were...
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    WTB OEM skid plate for 2012

    I have one off a 2013.
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    WANTED: Stock driver's seat that fits 2016

    Almost new off a 2013. $75 includes shipping.
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    2013 Tenere-$7800

    Not my bike nor do I know anything about it, but for $7800 might be a good deal for someone in the Northwest. Here is the link:
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    SOLD Rumbux Full set+crash bar bags SOLD

    Re: Rumbux Full set+crash bar bags $725 shipped CONUS PM sent
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    7 competitors for your side case patronage.

    I have had 3 sets of Happy Trails panniers over the past many years. I presently run the Denali 47 liter panniers and a 50 something litre top box running length wise with the rear pillan removed. I have never had issues with leaking or mounting. The Denalis are 35 1/2" wide. Price on the...
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    PM sent
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    Re: Saddlemen Adventure Touring Seat PM sent
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    Radar detector mounting

    Used this set up for years on other bikes and now the S10. Ram mount mounted to dash plate I made. Detector is inside box hooked up to the Radar Sreamer. No issue with weather or trying to see or hear detector. Radar Screamer alerts and is very loud.
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    Heated Gear Panel Outlet

    Here is what I did. Fabricated plate out of aluminum. Discarded the 3 amp factory lighter plug. The right plug is hot for battery tender and Best Rest air pump. The left plug is wired through my hearttroller and hot only when the hearttroller is on and bike is running. Both plugs run through 20...
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    Happy Trails mounts suck

    Interesting. I have had 2 sets on 2 different GS's and a new set of Denali's on the S10 with no issues. Mine bolted up just fine although I did leave the grab handles off so I had to shorten up the rear bar that attaches both bags. Sorry to hear you had issues.
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