WTB - Super Tenere, preferably scratched / project / needs love


Aug 23, 2016
Redwood City, CA
I will soon need to commute again and I would love to get a Super Tenere again for that. It doesn't need to be a garage queen, needs some love totally fine.
I had a 2014 with cruise control which I loved, but with my current budget I may have to settle for a 12-13. Hoping to stay below $5k -- will consider bike up to 30ish K miles.

Located within fly/ride from San Francisco Bay Area.

Let me know what you have and the stats, Thank you!

Mr. BR

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Jul 16, 2016
San Jose, CA USA
Hey Christian,
I’m just south on you in San Jose… . Currently FJR1300 owner but a Super Ten has been on my radar for a while.
I’ve been watching the For Sale ads over the past year through Cycletrader, Craigslist (West Coast, Seattle to San Diego) and some local FB Marketplace…
The prices for early models are all over the place and start around $6K and go up to some simply ridiculous “you must be kidding” amounts (just my opinion on that).
Cycletrader has one at $4999 but it has 104K miles and it has been listed for months (located out East).
I’ve seen ONE GEN1 bike at $5K last year but it disappeared from Craigslist so quickly I never even got a 2nd look at the ad.
On FB Market there is currently a ’12 model just East of us in Ripon, CA for $5500 with 39K miles and it has been there for several weeks…
I’ll probably get serious in a year and will be looking for a GEN1, med/high miles, $5K or less preferred and reasonably close to me.
And like the FJR world, my concerns about mileage are minimal for the Super Ten if the bike checks out and the seller has decent records… 30K+ is nothing.
Having said that, a few mos ago I did find such a bike for sale in Oregon: a 2012 with 96K miles, the usual accessories, seller says bike had been to multiple continents, very reliable, needed some minor work, and he’d moved on to a KTM. A local buyer got there first and the Seller tells me he expects to close the deal later this month; I hope that buyer posts up here and shares his new toy with us!
Good luck in your search… just be ready to jump when the right deal shows up!
Mr. BR
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May 22, 2011
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At this point in Super Tenere history, going past 100k isn't even post worthy. Only when someone gets to 200k is it really time to take notice. Don't be afraid of high mileage bikes. Anything under 100k that's had the original CCT replaced will run for a long time still.

What's your commute distance and road speeds? The S10 might be a bit overkill for a commuter bike.

Some interesting bikes in the $5k and under price point on CycleTrader.com An '03 FJR for $3500 with 42k miles. A FZ07 and FZ09 for ~$5k. The Feej would make a better commuter, bags, adjustable factory screen, etc. It's an '03, so first year, no ABS, but the worst that can happen to that bike is a CCT getting noisy. They didn't fail, just got loud/quiet/loud. I put 162k on my '04 FJR, then sold it to someone else for $3500 to ride more miles on.