who went to moto gp in austin tx, april 10,11, and 12th.


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Mar 25, 2013
buda texas
i got to go to my first moto gp at cota in austin tx, and i live just down the street about 20 miles.... i went friday , which the weather man lied, it was forecast to be 71 and a 20 percent chance of rain..... it was 57 and raining the first six hours.... cool seeing the bikes running in the rain,wow, it was a good time, the wet and cold did take a toll. saturday the weather man said 80 percent chance of rain, nothing! it was overcast and about 68, couldnt ask for a more pleasant day.... marquez (hope i spelled his name right) set a track lap recrd after his primary bike broke, he jumped over a 6' wall ran a 100 yds i think , got on his secound bike, halled ass to set the record,and regain poll position. sadly other things keep me from attending today....but i have tv... saw a number of tenere riders headed to parking lot but was not in place to try and meet them, so the thread to see who we missed... i went to races with our forum mate Carrot and his nephews ( they were fun) we had a truck load.....and ill be going next year...