where is this ? somewhere in Africa ?

Dec 9, 2019
The world is big and small at the same time. We're all blessed to be able to ride at all I figure. I'm half way through my journey (if I'm lucky!) and have had the priviledge to see a fair chunk of this planet on two wheels. Any day on two wheels just about anywhere beats a day in the office for me :). If you've got the means and inclination to ride on the other side of the planet, do it while you can! Otherwise, find your happiness in the beauty of your own backyard...it's easy to find if you get out and look, especially on two wheels!

Cheers, JT


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Feb 5, 2012
Lancashire, UK
If anyone wants to ride in the cold and wet, fairly boring roads, congested, speed cameras everywhere, expensive fuel, virtually no legal off roading and car drivers that are constantly texting please feel free to come and visit me in the UK.

Haha...for those that dont know me I'm not really a bitter/cynical old man!! I'm just kidding...but I am insanely envious of some of those pictures/riding environments.
You need to ride the Yorkshire Dales the great roads North of there (not forgetting Wales)13 Heading towards Ribblehead from Horton in Ribblesdale Monday 6 March 2016 - Copy.jpg18 Super 10 009.jpg