Town Of Spectre

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Dec 23, 2019
South Georgia
The misses and I took a ride over to Jackson Lake Island in Alabama yesterday and camped a night. This is where Tim Burton filmed the movie Big Fish back in 2003. Its private property but the owners charge $3 to access the island or $10 to Camp.
big fish.jpgIMG_6925.jpg

They left the movie set and let you go explore at your leisure. You can camp anywhere except in the movie set. I had never seen the movie until a few days before we left and it features our very own Ewen Mcgregor from the long way series.


spectr sign.jpg


A few of the buildings are missing due to a fire but I guess they use goats as replacements. 500 miles roundtrip and its my wifes first overnight bike trip. Only took me 7 years to talk her into it. lol. Its a nice place to check out and camp if you are close to Montgomery.