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Sep 18, 2016
reminds me of an incident years ago. We were hill climbing on a very steep and long hill in the woods. A feller that rode with us shot up the hill on his yz wide open. It was singing and looking like he was going over the top for a while but about 3/4 of the way up it started flipping down the hill. the hill was so steep it hit trees 15 to 20 foot up from the base of the tree. Of course where the bike bounced off the ground it was not that far from that level of the tree. Any way a limb went through the front wheel of the bike and it was hanging 15 foot up a tree. We had to throw a rope over the next limb up tie the rope to the bike then cut the limb off that was in the front wheel to get it back to the ground! Oh what good times! Oh that same day another fellers girl friend was riding his TT500 and shot it off into the river. We used the same rope to fish it out! A good day for me anyway. haha.