There is Always An End to a Beginning.


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Mar 17, 2013
Although I have never finished my story, there is an end to every beginning. A middle class yankee well in his retirement came by one day and fell in love with Scorpion One. He wanted to travel through African and Europe. The truest thing I know is that Scorpion had been a great friend, mistress and companion. I had put about 45,000km on her. She was a work horse that had simply served her master beyond reproach. Before our relationship, I had shopped around, but eventually settled on a Vee Strom DL 650. That was many years ago. In those days, it was simply the best thing I had ever possessd. We had a relationship: it was time to let go. It was the most agonising decision. I could not stop the tears. We all do when our relationships are threatened. Some cynics might cry out, but she was just a machine. True, this one is not indispute, but what about the stories we wrote together during our relationship, the many hours we spent in each others' embrace in the middle of no where, the tumbles, the rain, the mud, the dust, the people we met, the many rivers we crossed, the the mountains and valleys we traversed, the very long straight roads that seemingly had no end, and the times we spent at the mechanics after some tumbles. Surely these little memories become part of our psyche -- the story of a endless love between man and machine.

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Aug 6, 2011
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You didn't sell, or part with, those cherished memories.