Tapatalk installed on T700 Forum


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Feb 26, 2010
why a seperate page? (just asking)
I'll compare to ADVRider. ADVRider has an UNBELIEVABLE amount of information about a ton of cycles. It's an amazing information source, but it's completely unorganized. Some threads on there are thousands of pages long. Yes, you can search, but it's still hard to find information, and it's hard to browse for new information across a variety of topics. Having dedicated forums where we can logically break out the information into nuggets that are more easily consumed is a much better approach.

Since it's not that hard to create a separate forum (I'm quite well versed in it), I felt it made the most sense to set up a separate information source specific for the T700, in order to make it as easy as possible as it grows for the information to be consumable over the long run.