Talk me down off the ledge! (Triumph 1200XE Scrambler)


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Mar 7, 2011
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... The Scrambler is like a VStrom, it wants to fool you that it can do more than it really can, but both are just street bikes that are styled for a 'look'. It's just my read on it, don't let it bother you. ...
Definitely not correct, as we've had a Strom 650 and 1000 and I've ridden the 1050 of a friend.

The 12XE Scrambler is easier to take down rougher non-roads than the Tenere. I'd much rather take the Scrambler up a switchback hill of gravel near Romney where I have run both bikes and the 12GTPro. The only thing the Tenere has over the Scrambler is a slightly lower idle for crawling, but then the Scrambler clutch lever is lighter and being physically smaller with a lower feel to the CG it is a breeze to stand on the pegs to poke along. And gas the rear end out with the TCS off to have fun on those switchbacks.

Once you figure out how to turn TCS off when on pavement, the Scrambler is a wheelie machine like few others.


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Jul 27, 2013
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And here you have it, the Achilles heel of a very competent bike, in this case the S10. It goes along doing its job so well, with so little drama it is mistaken for boring which leads to the search for a different "more exciting" bike. Been there done that.

The Scrambler is a fine and fun bike but you can't do the same or as many different things with it as you can with an S10. Think about what you want to do with your bike and what you really will do vs fantasy then pick the one that works for you. No wrong answer.