Support your local Shop, Maxey's


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Jun 20, 2012
Memphis TN
Man O man, nothing sucks more than being on the road and having bike issues.....

Dan rode with us at the AR rally, real nice guy. He has a few years on me but he speaks as if who ever he is listening to has "been there done that" and better then him. I knew he was a good guy and he told me (years back) to stop and see him if I was ever in town. Well I took him up on his offer today and he did not disappoint. He stopped everything he was doing and made 2 hours time to help me out. Dan walked me back to speak to his lead mechanic and he stopped work for almost 45 mins to listen to me. I can say it enough, support your local bike shop. You OKC guys are lucky to have him and his family in the center of town. I was more than impressed.

Since 1962 his family has been selling moto and what not, experience.......good service and the prices were unbeatable.......I ordered a few more parts than I had to. I can say thanks enough. He has my business.

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