Steering stabilizer vs no stabilizer on the Super Tenere?

Nov 15, 2012
Fullerton, CA
Seems like every now and then questions pop up on steering stabilizers for the ST.

I have a spare Scotts waiting to go on. I've decided (for now) that it's just not needed for the riding I'm doing. I actually had the Flex Bars and damper mount budgeted into my ST purchase. It's just so darn comfortable with the OEM rubber mounted bars and Heli risers, that I'm keeping it like it is right now. The Ergo's on this bike are perfect and I can do long miles without being beat up like on my Beta.

After I take this beast off the highway I'll re-evaluate. As we all know, the dampers are nothing more than a safety feature. There is a tradeoff that's worth mentioning. They actually hinder the steering at slow speed. Even properly adjusted it takes getting used to the heavy feeling at the bars. There is no way to get around it. Even with it adjusted on the lightest setting. Only the rider can decide if it's worth it.

Of course I would not even consider going without one on a bike that's being used off road at speed. It will save you when you hit that hidden rock or deep rut. If you are a guy that regularly gets flat spots on his rims, then a damper is a must. I have been running the Scott's on all my off road bikes for over 20 years.

After having some saddle time on this bike I have come to the conclusion it will be nothing more than fire roads for me on this beast. OTOH, I still want to be able to get through the occasional sand wash or rutted washed out section without turning around. I have a feeling once I hit the dirt on this bike the suspension will let me know that I'm pushing too hard way before a damper is needed.

For the guys that have these mounted on the ST, how is it working out for you? Have you noticed more flat spots on the rims? Are you going so fast as to bottom out the suspension regularly?
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