Show me your bike loaded with tent camping gear

Aug 15, 2014
Lawrenceburg, KY
Just got back from riding the MABDR.
This was my set up
Camping gear in the left side case
Stove, tool kit, misc personal items in the right side case
Clothes and Kermit chair in the Wolfman duffel
Food in the small Seahorse case on the tail rack.
I wanted to keep the heavier items in the side cases where the weight would be lower.
I also packed where I would not have any rattles .


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Oct 23, 2014
Apopka, FL
I just got back from 4 days on the road with my current set-up. I'll update with pics later if I remember.

My wife donated a bunch of tupperware containers that were PERFECT for unitizing stuff: a tool box, a snack box, a medicine cabinet box, a tire repair box, etc... they all stack/ nest nicely in an Ikea bag so I can grab the one I want or take the whole bag out (handy for hotel nights).

Speaking of hotel nights, my pannier lids come all the way off and have organizers in them with more stuff (phone chargers, ear plugs, etc.), so I just grab the Ikea bag and the pannier lid and carry it into the room. The bike is parked with lid-less panniers. No fears break-ins or box damage, and I don't have fiddle with organizer storage. I use a half-cover which covers the open top of the panniers. Worst case, a miscreant throws garbage in one.

I have a big drybag that takes my tent, sleeping bag, pad, and a piece of tarp I use as tent footprint - packed in order (foot print on top, then tent, then stuff that goes in the tent deepest in the bag). That bag is roc-strapped across the luggage rack. I have a little 3-legged stool with a backrest that I use as my camp chair which sits behind the drybag.

Tank is stuff you need underway: hydration bladder, snacks, and glasses and a hat for stops.

Last sublime hack: we have a bunch of disposable, round, take-out containers with lids. They nest together and fit perfectly in a round dry bag. So, a few containers for food stack nicely in the dry bag, which is DRY, unitized, and easy to loft whole as a bear bag. As the stuff got consumed on the trip, I consolidated and nested empties, creating more space.

I love it when a plan works!


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Mar 23, 2019
Tuscaloosa, AL
This was my packing set up for 4 days, 2 nights and 2000 plus miles in late March. My tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, ground cloth, poles, stakes, etc., are in the dry bag. All stuff for cooking, food, first aid, etc. is in a liner in the right pannier along with some extra gear. The left pannier is strictly big tools, a few clothes, and more weather specific gear. The top box has stuff I always carry, like a tire patch kit, Allen wrenches, glass cleaner, an air pump, extra gloves, extra water, shop towels and back up glasses. The tank bag had some snacks, water, a cable lock, insurance and registration, toiletries and sunscreen. I wouldn’t change much about how I did this, as the dry bag provides a nice backrest. Taking the dry bag off to set up camp made it very easy. Plus once it was off and in the tent, it freed up the bike for getting around at the destination and I could take a passenger, if I wanted to. It was also pretty aerodynamic on the highway. I’m still tweaking my setup and look forward to fall when tent camping in the Southeast is appealing again. 82799444-9651-4EAE-8E96-4B9B3DD8F79D.jpeg D17D5B94-EC21-4F32-8FEC-23B18C863ACC.jpeg 0EF1A937-9E9B-462D-AA84-99CB95005B06.jpeg


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Aug 20, 2018
SE Idaho
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