Sehorn Yamaha - Shawnee Oklahoma


Apr 9, 2011
Humble, Texas
I recently bought a 2015 ES from these guys and WOW... what an awesome experience it was. I had been looking for a new 2015 ES Super T around the Houston area for a few weeks and wasn't having much luck, either the dealers didn't have one or they were asking what I thought to be to much money for them. That all changed when I heard about Sehorn Yamaha and the sale guy named Brad Albeck from a thread that was posted in the general discussion forum.

After talking to Brad for 5 minutes I knew I wanted to come buy my bike from them. He offered to pick me up at the airport in OKC if I wanted to fly in and ride out, he even asked if I wanted to be there to watch/film the bike being uncrated and assembled. He informed me that if I wanted to order any Yamaha OEM accessories for the bike he could give me a 15% discount on them and mount them free of charge!!!
I ended up not being able to do the fly and ride or having the time to come in early and see the bike being uncrated and assembled, So Bard made sure I still got the experience. He took 5 videos of the owner Mark Sehorn uncrating/assembling the bike and sent them to me... That's what I call great customer service!

Being that I was only about 500 miles from these guys I decided to drive in and haul the bike back home in a day. When I got there Brad had the bike waiting for me on the show room floor. Brad, Mark and the sales manager Mack all took the time to go over the bike with me. They made me feel right at home and were just genuinely nice guys to deal with. Brad even gave me a tour of their facilities and tossed in a T-shirt for me and my buddy who rode up with me.

When I went to finance they had all my paper work done and ready to go. I signed one time and was out of the office in less than 10 minuets… that’s almost unheard of these days! There we no extra hidden cost, no pressure to purchase any dealer maintenance plans, or extended warranties… there was none of that. What Brad quoted me on the bike is exactly what I paid with no hassles or anything!
I just wish that I lived closer to these guys… This was by far the single best purchasing experience I’ve had!

Thank you Sehorn Yamaha in Shawnee Oklahoma and Thank you Brad Albeck for everything… You went above and beyond any dealer I’ve ever dealt with!

Here's a pic of the new Super T and Brad Albeck Super Sales Guy!


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Jul 8, 2013
Portland, OR
Excellent experience! Inviting you to watch / film the setup, then sending you video when you couldn't be there is awesome!

The purchase of my 2012, back in Oct. 2012 was not quite as impressive. The price was right, but the experience wasn't great.

Me, "Hey, I noticed the four screws securing the windscreen are completely stripped out, can I get those replaced or ordered before I leave?"
Sales guy, "Stripped, what do you mean stripped?"
Me, "Looks like someone tried to install them with a cordless drill, follow me, I'll show you."
Sales guy, "Hmm, well, this is really a service department problem, it's really not a sales department problem."
Me, (blood pressure climbing now), "I really don't care who's problem it is, I just know it isn't MY problem. Can I get those screws on order?"
Sales guy, "Well, I hope you understand that if I order those screws, the cost is coming out of my own pocket."
Me, "Fine. I appreciate that."
Sales guy rolls his eyes, and starts to walk away, so I point at the other 2012 on the floor, and say, "Or you can just swap the screws with that bike, and see if you can get whoever buys it to ride away with the stripped screws."
I was halfway joking, but that's what they did!

OK, Sunday morning rant over. Congratulations again on your 2015! Beautiful bike!