rear bleeder rubber ring

Eville Rich

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Sep 15, 2016
Wisconsin, USA
I'm in the process of bleeding my brakes. I'm also installing speed bleeders to facilitate the process now and in the future. On the rear caliper, when I removed the old bleeder, I noticed a rubber ring around the bleeder. I'm assuming this should be transferred to the speed bleeder. It looks like it serves to keep water or debris out of the rear bleeder threads. With the surface around the rear bleeder being flat.

I pulled the rubber ring off the old bleeder and noticed it has a conical end. It appears that this end went "up" relative to the caliper.

Just wondering if anyone has transferred this over to another bleeder and can confirm the orientation. Right now I've got it on the speed bleeder, conical side up.

Eville Rich
2016 S10