Question No options for post count or thread count per page?


Aug 25, 2018
In typical forum software, there are options available in user preferences for things like the amount of posts shown within a single thread, as well as threads shown per page within a sub-forum. Usually the options would range from 20 posts per page to 200 posts per page, and sometimes even options for unlimited scrolling (which can be buggy across some platforms, admittedly.) 20 posts per page is a relic of the past dictated by RAM and connection speed limitations. In 2018 we should not be so constricted. In addition to that, there are way too many options related to email notifications, alerts and trophies (ffs, really?) All kinds of pseudo-social media nonsense, IMO. What I would suggest, if you're able to in your admin control panel, is to adjust the available user preferences to give users more control over how they are able to view content, and limit the "features" of the new software to a more utilitarian and less obtrusive feature-set.