Nexx X.Wed2 Plain Dark Grey Metalic Helmet & Cardo SmartH DMC Mesh Bluetooth Communicator Review

Jul 13, 2018
Vancouver, BC, Canada
This the 2nd Generation Nexx X com helmet (X-Com communicator ready) from the Portugese manufacturer with a std 2 year warranty extended to 5. I ordered from FC Moto in Germany 244.80 Euro ($424.75 Canadian including shipping & conversion + Euro helmets ship with a pinlock visor, US/Canada helmets do not. Can be configured in 3 modes; Adventure style with peak & visor, Street style with peak removed, dirt style with visor and/or peak removed for use with goggles. Comes with cable operated built in sun visor that extends for full coverage with a detent at the fully extended position (other brands that use springs often become problematic with miles/use & dirt/sand exposure + it looks like Nexx integrated some type of seal around the slider mechanism to keep out water...was a concern because of the lever upper side mount location), 3 go pro mounting plates, an ergo foam fit kit, an adjustable peak & a peak extension that slides forward & back 1.5 cm, optional side covers if the visor is removed to use goggles, a fully perforated chin vent cover for increased flow to replace the solid pop open vent cover, removable chin curtain, emergency cheek pad removal design + meets ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 safety standards, longer than normal chin strap with locater snap & cutouts for in helmet speakers.

Have ridden 10k kms & has a balanced, premium/quality feel & fit, is noticeably quieter than my 3/4 face Arai CT-Z (1,564 grams) & only slightly heavier at 1,650 grams! Nexx utilizes 3 shell sizes for better fitment (XXS-S / M-L / XL-XXXL). The medium fit my 58 cm intermediate to long oval well, similar to my Arai & most other helmets, so will say it fits true to size. I hear less wind noise & more of the tires, motor & exhaust with the visor open, noticeably less with it closed...with the visor closed & the top vents in the full open position there is a little booming, which lessens closing them to the 1st open position & goes away with the vents fully closed. The redesigned peak & ventilation work very well (rode 3 days in 40 celcius/104 farenheight) with no lift & very little side pull when standing up above the windshield & looking around....I ride behind a Puig Touring windscreen (that is 5" taller than OEM) on my 2014 S10. Very pleased with it so far! July 2018 added X-Creen to windscreen which improved airflow management & minimized noise further.


Features an add on peak extension that slides forward & back a 1.5 cm + the entire peak does the same via an adjustment screw on the top providing the best sun-blocking capability of any helmet so far. Exterior is a rubberized metallic material, as is the peak for a very tactile grippy feel, but is difficult to remove stains from. Peak/visor removal via tool-less design. The visor is sturdy, with minimal flex, opening & closing with either the front or left side raised tab easily & has 4 well defined stop detents, but as with many helmets lacks a proper anti-fog stop position just cracked open, although it can be positioned slightly off the seal by pushing it up from the snapped shut position....the included pinlock should help though. Have not ridden in extended rain, but it works as advertised in colder temps.


Comes with a pinlock ready optically correct Lexan visor with wide field of vision + pinlock insert for anti-fogging. Has 3, three position intake top vents, 4 rear exhaust vents & a 2 position chin vent (w/foam filter) that can be exchange for a fully vented cover.


Has optically correct cable operated 80% dark sun shade visor & is eye glass friendly.


Design is goggle friendly with or without visor removal & has design to hold strap in place at the back.


Interior is high quality material with padded, anit-bacterial liner/fabric & reflective piping, 2 of the liner snaps initially needed to be firmly pressed in place . There is room for improvement with the snap system used to hold the chin curtain, cheek pads & liner in place...they can pop out of place too easily. Easy on/off, no curled ears, even with chin curtain installed.


Cardo Smarth DMC Mesh/Bluetooth Communicator Added (Dec 2018): Because Nexx designed their helmet for the X-Com System (in addition to 3 Go Pro mounts) it has speaker cutouts with velcro & foam spacers & a mic cutout in the liner of the chin guard + molded indentations in the liner for placement of the wires...which makes for a very integrated, tidy install. Good sound quality from the HD 40 mm speakers is balanced & detailed with well defined sound stage, base & highs & slightly forward mid range/voice. Volume output will exceed comfort/health levels...likely boosted/equalized by the Samsung Galaxy S9 Bluetooth EQ + the Dolby Atmos & Adapt Sound features that apply a customized EQ for my personal hearing levels...compensates for hearing loss :)


This is a slim design that integrates well, without adding bulk or wind noise. The controls are reasonably glove friendly, battery last 6 to 8 hours while playing music, usb charging port permits charging while riding.



Chin microphone

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