Media Gallery Operational / Big Push for S10 Videos


Staff member
Feb 26, 2010
If you haven't already noticed, the Media Gallery is up and running. Not all legacy pics from the old site are up yet, but I'm slowly working through all of them.

If you have pics that are appropriate for the gallery, feel free to post in the proper section. In my opinion one of the most important is the "Rides and Rallies" section, so feel free to request a new category if needed and I'll put it up so we can share some of the awesome community we have here.

I'd like some member help in collecting Super Tenere video content for the Video Gallery:

If you come across an awesome S10 vid feel free to go to the gallery and link it. Having a ton of video content about the Tenere in one spot would be very valuable to anybody looking for info about the bike, or just simply loves to watch riding videos on a rainy Saturday.

- Venture