Looking For A Good Dealer for Valve Service - Tupelo, MS or ~200 Mile Radius


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May 22, 2011
Tupelo, MS
I just moved to Tupelo, Mississippi and am a few thousand miles from needing a valve check/adjustment. (that's not very long for me) No local Yamaha dealers here except mower/generator type shops. I would appreciate any input from someone that has/knows personally of a good shop for service. My preference is a Yamaha dealer since I have the YES and want to document the service in the Yamaha system, but a really good indi shop would be considered if you know of one that you can recommend.

I know of D&H in Cullman, AL which I have good results on Warranty sales and they seem like good people. One of the two closer Yamaha Pro shops is Powersports of Montgomery in Montgomery, AL. That's 237 miles for me and just a bit further than I'd prefer to go. The other is Yamaha of Harrison in Harrison. That's about 190 miles away. Input on either of those would be great.

I know there is a multi-brand dealer in Memphis, Performance Plus, but have no idea if they are decent or not. Any good shops in Birmingham, AL?

Any input from direct experience would be appreciated!

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