Honda CRF 300 Rally

Don T

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Mar 11, 2011
In about 2 years from now I'll replace my T12 with a smaller bike and head out on a multiple continent/year journey.
I had more or less decided that the T12 would be replaced by a T7, but then Honda revealed this little beauty:


The updates from the 250 version makes it very tempting to me:

  1. Honda went from 250 to 300 via a longer stroke. Not quite a full 300, the engine now displaces 286cc.
  2. In addition to the additional 36cc, the motor gets other updates. The intake cam timing is new, and the air intake and exhaust systems have been revised to reflect the extra air needed by the larger powerplant.
  3. According to Honda, that means a 10 percent in horsepower and a torque boost of 18 percent. The engine now meets Euro-5 standards. The peak power output is now 27 horsepower at 8500 rpm, and 20 ft-lbs of torque at 6500 rpm.
  4. Acceleration should be significantly improved, as the lower five gears have shorter rations. For highway use, sixth gear is higher.
  5. An assist-and-slipper clutch is now employed. According to Honda, the clutch lever pull is reduced by 20 percent, and the slipper function will help during aggressive downshifts.
  6. The steel frame has been lightened, and its rigidity adjusted. Honda tells us the increased lateral flex will give “increased feedback and feel.”
  7. Suspension travel is increased with additional 0.4 inches of front wheel travel.
  8. The seat is now 0.4 inches lower.
  9. The 2021 Rally gets more fuel capacity. It now carries 3.4 gallons—an increase of almost 3 quarts.
  10. Comfort has been improved for the 2021 Honda CRF300L Rally. The long-distance runner has weights inside the handlebar for less vibration to the hands, and rubber inserts into the footpegs to isolate the feet from vibration.


2014 Super Tenere ES
Nov 17, 2014
I just added a 2014 CRF250L to my garage to figure out if the small Honda is a fun bike for slow backroads travel. Of course I though "dang, and now they have a better version" but I think the older 250 is a good test case. The rally certainly looks good and every day I see Ricky Brabec in Saudi Arabia I think they did such a good job emulating the looks of the real thing. Perhaps my next bike.

Eville Rich

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Sep 15, 2016
Wisconsin, USA
My wife has a CRF250L. Nice little bike. The suspension was the worst part (hers is a 2014). Did full-on Racetech front a rear and now it's really nice. Solid bike. We've loaded our 250s with camping gear and covered sand and dirt. Never a hiccup. I like my WR250R a little more, though the Honda has a little better torque at lower RPM. It's a subtle difference but is there. The 300 looks to be a great bike.

Eville Rich