Handlebar mitts

Nov 15, 2012
Fullerton, CA
Maybe this will help a bit! We have a black friday deal going on right now, 10% off all products and free domestic shipping.
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or click here: Hippo Hands

We are proud to provide the best available hand covers on the market, and we are proud they are built right here in the US. We appreciate your support of our efforts to provide quality products made in the USA. If you have any fitment issues team Hippo Hands are always available.
I can't say much on the other brands but I honestly believe you are getting what you pay for with the Hippo Hands. Very quick on and off, perfect fit over my Bark Busters, and they simply work. There are not going to be any fitment issues with the Rogues. And I can actually stand up and ride with them mounted.
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