Going a little crazy with the Pelican


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Oct 20, 2010
Andover Minnesota USA
Well alrighty then. After a FedEx cluster fuck delivering the mount latches, and a trip to Tejas and Arkansas, Today I completed the project. I think this will work just fine, I will be doing a test pack this weekend, but so far so good. I like the arrangement being very similar to what I had, I can pack most of my stuff as it was, and fit new stuff in. Objective is lose the dry bag on the seat. I will still have a bag on somewhere, but I hope a smaller one tied on top of one of the side cases. I will try to remember to grab a couple pics when I test load.

35 liters per side Before:
20190425_135939.jpg 20190425_140001.jpg

49 liters per side after:
20190425_140352.jpg 20190425_140402.jpg
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