Fuel Injectors and Top Tier gas articles

Feb 6, 2015
bay area
I am the editor of BMW Norcal newsletter. Its a monthly affair so I actually write articles to basically fill up space

This month I wrote an article on Fuel Injectors and the problems I have experienced on two bikes - BMW and my 2017 S10
The newsletter can be found here
https://bmwnorcal.org/resources/Documents/November 2019 newsletter for web 1.pdf

In May I wrote another article on Top Tier gas, and the potential impact on carbon build up in the cylinder head. Not sure if this has been discussed before on this forum but I think it of interest to all, particularly the early S10 owners. It can be found here

https://bmwnorcal.org/resources/Documents/May 2019 newsletter for web.pdf

If you have difficulty with either of these links go to bmwnorcal.org and navigate to newsletters
Sep 15, 2016
Wisconsin, USA
I'm a believer in top tier gasoline. Kwik Trip is my go-to local supplier (all over WI). I've had plenty of higher mileage vehicles (150k+ miles) ran like tops off their gas (OCD preventative maintenance probably helps, too). I got impressed with Kwik Trip after I bought my BMW diesel car. I asked about their premium diesel and their locations that sold it, using their online portal. Their fuel buyer actually called me and we talked diesel and formulations for 15 minutes. I figure if they were willing to do that for a passenger vehicle owner and their fuel guy knew what he knew about diesel (I tested him a bit), their Top Tier gas was probably pretty well done, too.

If nothing else, I like seeing companies that make a little more effort than they have to. I've come to believe that top tier is more than just marketing. Even if I'm wrong, it makes me feel good and doesn't really cost more.

Eville Rich
2016 S10
Nov 14, 2018
east central "ILL"
I’ve noticed some fuel I buy seems to perform better than others with same octane rating. Additive package used? I have to run winter blend part of the year. What the hell is it truthfully?
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