Dunlop Trailmax Raid vs Trailmax Mission - An Honest Review


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Sep 18, 2016
I put trailmax missions on my bike and have a few hundred miles on them now. Im very impressed. They are turning in good and have a very nice nutral feel and ability to hold a nice line through a curve with minamal input. I do like that a lot. They also will haul down for emergency stops. I bet i have had at least 15 hard stops for deer and they did well. Last night even had hard swerve and brake to weave 3 deer in a blind corner. I was only riding about 40 and was ready for evasive action but still did very nice. They are heavy and at low speeds i feel a lot more of road undulations.


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Jun 15, 2024
SkunkWorks: Excellent review on both the TTM & TMR. Very well written too.

I have used TMM F&R on a 1250 GSA and liked them very much. I concur with your views on the tyres.
I had 2 front tyres split across the whole tread from edge to edge. Both happened at circa 5,000 kms. I think they were de-laminating on the tread over-lap join. Both were replaced but could not get a third replacement as none available and they ended up being unavailable for 2 years. Only just become available recently.

The rear TMM was an excellent road tyre and a good off-road tyre. Quiet, excellent wet & dry grip, lasted longest time of any rear tyre i have ever used (15,000 kms) in 56 years of riding and surprisingly good at eking out grip in all types of unsealed surfaces. Used 3 rear tyres.

Just put a TMR on the front of a new BMW F850 GS. Michelin Anakee 3 on the rear unfortunately.
I wear ear plugs and can not hear a lot of noise off the front TMR, maybe because of the howl from the rear Anakee 3.
I am getting used to a 21" front wheel/tyre both on & off-road but i find the front TMR has great edge grip on dry sealed and amazing grip when wet for a tyre with this tread pattern.
On unsealed i feel much more confident but i am still sussing its limit out. There is less feedback to what i am used to but this probably because the tyre is calming & stable relative to 19" GSA front wheel.

I am stoked with the low level of wear with your front TMR.

With the rear TMR wearing so quickly, i will likely run a TMR on the front & a TMM on the rear. I am not that fussed by the rear wheel getting out of shape but i need the front to go where i put it & it stay there.
This combination may end up being ideal for me.
Though, because i like trying different tyres and different tyres are continually being released, it is likely i will try a different combination in the future.