ABS unit bypass pipe details


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Sep 27, 2018
I get a few messages asking about bypass pipes so thought I would throw it out there so you guys and gals can get some made up should the need arise. 0225BC0B-7EF2-48DA-9E94-6C9E22431B04.jpeg
Mine were made from 3/16”copper with a single flare and gave me no problems. Male M10x 1.0mm pitch long thread tube nuts. The length of the “U” is not important as you can see there is plenty of room.
This leaves your OEM brake lines intact when you buy a new ABS unit.
I would think any Trailer manufacturer or brake specialist could make them.

This is how you install them.
I blanked the union holes with Aluminium tape to keep the dust out.
Leave the ecu plug attached as the ABS light will cycle per normal.
Do a normal bleed procedure obviously not worrying about cycling the ABS unit.

Disclaimer time:
*only do this for off- road use or in an emergency to get home.
*Your brakes will feel more powerful so take it easy and get used to them.
*Obviously your brake system will no longer have ABS or unified braking control.

Hope this helps.