911 miles of Missouri Back Roads


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Nov 25, 2010
On your way to everywhere, Batavia, Iowa
I still rode some crazy remote trails.

I found some good stuff over on Push Mt. Arkansas.

When I came out
Closed for CARS

I rode a trail way above the Buffalo River.
If you make it to this sign from the east you have earned your Adventure badge.
It would be cheating getting here from the west.

I turned into a scenic area off the highway and these two guys that I know from near home have been out exploring Arkansas.

That evening I rode way back into place along the Buffalo River.
Had my own beach.

Made it back home today.
It's nice to travel but it's nice to be home.
Now I need to go see my grand daughters. [that pack of 4]

Thank's for reading
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May 15, 2019
Boonies of northern Missouri, USA
Yep, I brought WAY too much stuff. Noobie mistake.... I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with the load of stuff I had. I slept under the stars that night since there was no dew. It was BEAUTIFUL. Next morning, Corbin and I made the run into Licking looking for a place where I could dump some gear, to be retrieved later. Steve was ahead of us and we got separated somehow.

I found a nice motel with a really cool and understanding motel owner. He let me unload all I wanted in a utility room on the back of the motel. That's probably when Steve couldn't find us. I unloaded, seems like, 50 lbs of shi.... uh.... stuff at the motel and we went looking for Steve. My Super Ten was SO much more nimble and easy to handle after that. We headed south and then west to get around a huge thunderstorm. We found later that Steve went further south than us.

We ran gravel and twisties and headed towards Corbin's Dad's place to the southwest. Got to drag my side stand in some good curves. Loved it! Got to his Dad's place before dark. His Dad's dog, Whiskey, and I instantly got along great. After a shower, good supper and good company, I slept like a baby that night. We headed towards home next morning, going the "scenic routes". I decided to come back later (next weekend) for my stuff at the motel in Licking. We had so much fun on the backroads that we didn't get to do some fun dirt and gravel trails/roads near my place because dark caught us.

I can't wait to go again! Got a lot of great advice and instruction. Learned a lot. I'm paring down my backcountry bike camping gear. Gonna have a grab-and-go kit that will all fit in my top box plus a bag across the pillion.

Thanks Steve and Corbin!

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