3D Printed Masks.


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Dec 21, 2015
Hello there!
I have been printing a face shield. An Open-sourced design that medics said that is really necessary. And I was giving them to 2 local clinics for free. I ran out on acrylic for now, but I printed 400 of them.1586361107022.png1586449143924.png

New FDA Approved MASK

1586361367089.pngRecently FDA approved (link) a reusable face mask, and I'm printing it now (the first try). the designs are Here. more info on this PDF on disinfection and design: PDF

I'm running low in materials since I printed a lot for my local clinics and there was no reason to print face mask since nobody can really say that worked (there is a lot of designs over internet). But since FDA finally approved one I will be printing some of them.

I'm struggling to find even the elastic cord. But I found one, overpriced of course and probably arriving next week. BUT, if anybody is in a really need, I can print some to you.

I will be calculating the costs of shipping and materials for people that are interested in buying them, thinking if I'm going to charge the exact amount with no earnings at all, or adding small earning to cover more material for the face shields.

If you really need a mask or know someone that works at medical/clinic/elder care/etc
PLEASE, if anybody is in need of a mask, or known anybody (special doctors and nurses) please contact me. I did not talk yet with admins, maybe we can do something as a community. I could even add a logo "Yamaha Forum" inscription and we can altogether find some clinic, hospital, and collect the basic materials and print and ship to them.

Sorry if this post is not well written, but I'm doing a lot of stuff at the same time, trying to help and trying to no lose my job at the same time.

You can reply here, send me a PM or if is urgent sending an email to deftoner@protonmail.com


Pictures update:
I got a better model, that only wear pink :D
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