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    Show me your bike loaded with tent camping gear

    Packed for 2 weeks and over 4k miles through the US Southwest this past May. Taken in Joshua Tree, Ca.
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    I'll field this for Navynuke in case you're still wondering. That pic was taken from the visitor center lot and that's about as close as you can get on a bike (legally). Was there last month but there's usually folks there taking pictures, making it difficult to find a window to get a solo...
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Alabama hills, California
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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Good stuff, Mak10! Great meeting you guys. I did roughly that same route in reverse and regretting I passed on Hells backbone. I was enjoying 12 too much and storm clouds were threatening.
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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Cool running into Mak10 and Tombstone in Bluff this morning. You guys were heading to the Burr trail and me to Monument valley. Enjoying a beverage at my campsite at Gouldings as I type.
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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Sure, definitely down for a ride but I'll be loaded down with gear and still have the stock Battlewings on my bike, so no gnarly stuff for me. I've never been through that area but have been studying up for the last eight months in anticipation for the trip. Wanna at least do Shafer trail...
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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Yep, The View campground. Except that's in Monument valley which is on Navajo land. Valley of the Gods north of there is BLM land, so it's free. Two different places, neither of which sell beer unfortunately.
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    Nelson, B.C.

    Great little town with awesome nearby riding as mentioned. Do yourself a favor and camp at Toad Rock motorcycle campground about 25 minutes north in Balfour. Excellent place to base out of for a few days.
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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    I'll be arriving in Moab on 4/30 and be there all week. Only concrete plans are Arches campground that night and 3step hideaway on May 1. Always wanted to camp in Valley of the Gods, probably May 2. Interested in day rides though.
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    Exploring the forgotten Klamath River Region of Northwestern California - What a treat!

    Love that area. Salmon river road from Callahan to Somes bar is a favorite of mine. I've yet to take the Tenere on it though.
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    ‘14 Ténéré ECU flash

    +1 For 2wheel dyno works near Seattle. I'm booked in there next week to get my '17 flashed. Talked to them over the phone and he mentioned they've had a number of Canadian riders bring their bikes in for the flash. I like to support local businesses too.:)
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Added the SWMotech crash bars last night. Only a little cursing to get any purchase on the engine bolt holes and only needed two beers. Today, I'm tackling the Touratech pannier racks. Looks straight forward, but thankfully I've got a fee beers still in the fridge. :cool:
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    42, but I tell people I'm 50 sometimes. :cool: Makes me look youthful for my fake age. I don't get the 'old man's ' association with the S10. Works the same no matter how old you are.
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    Black, Blue, Silver, White, Grey, Red, or Sand?

    Voted sand because I own one, but the raven is sharp as well. I've only had mine for a few days, but noticed that the decal on the front has a cool silhouette of dunes in the place of stripes on all the others. Nice touch, Yamaha! It's as if the bike is begging me to ride it into the Sahara!
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    So...what other bikes do you own?

    I bought a '17 Triumph T120 black last summer and seriously enjoy the hell out of it. It's classy, got satisfying grunt, and always gets people talking to me about it. She's my 'looker', and around town bike. Though it's great as a week long tour too. I realized I needed an S10 to create the...