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    Yamaha's response to "Hard Start"

    at sea level a 15psi pressurized system with 50/50 water/ethylene glycol mix the boiling point is 265F. Probably won't appease the worry bead riders. I got your sarcasm ;)
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    (2) NEW 2013 ST's for sale

    At the current xchge rate that 2013 will cost you closer to $11100CDN. Shipping from PA will be 700 CDN. The RIV fee is $220. and the US Customs export rules have changed so you will need to employ a customs broker. So you are now at $12020 CDN plus the broker fee. You have a new but naked 2013...
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    WTB: Super Tenere or 2014 DL1000

    check your PM
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    NoNoise Ear Plugs

    Howard Leight MAX foam earplugs are rated at SNR 37db, considerably better than the Protectear plugs at SNR 21 db. You can compare the two products at different frequencies using the Howard Leight graph here and...
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    2014 Clutch Basket

    available here for $258.98 including shipping
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    Clutch basket questions

    that's the weight of a 2012 basket ;D
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    Help with hard start....pretty please

    looks like Derekj was on the right track. Since low compression seems to be the culprit I was thinking maybe the auto decompression mechanism hanging up might be the cause of the hard start/no start episodes. That would explain why a no start bike will start with a bump start. A quick google...
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    Help with hard start....pretty please

    does it briefly fire with the efi fuse removed?
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    Spooning New Tires

    not recommended for some tubeless tires From their website: Can I use the tire tool to change a tubeless tire? Many tubeless tires and especially the soft rubber trials tires have a thick soft rubber layer on the inside of the bead that can be easily damaged. We do not recommend using the No...
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    Clutch basket questions

    for those who missed the clutch basket sale you can get a 2014 basket at Stadium Yamaha for $256.75 Still a really good price IMO to get rid of the clutch induced vibes if you find them annoying
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    Clutch basket questions

    look at all those 2014 clutch baskets
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    Clutch basket questions

    me too ::015::
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    Clutch basket questions

    Yamaha Sports Plaza LARGEST YAMAHA PARTS DEALER IN THE USA! (503) 669-2000 largest but not the fastest and they never send updates on anything .
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    Clutch basket questions

    and for good reason O:-) Arkyrider "ordered 6/19...local Yamaha dealer told me yesterday my order has been changed from back order to shipped. ETA was for 8/22, expected delivery by mid week so time wise is on schedule. Price has not changed, $34.31." I ordered June 15 no basket for me :(
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    Kettle Valley Railway...... anybody done it on a Tenere?

    tomorrow, too early :D