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    2017 Super Tenere XT1200Z ES Anniversary fully kitted. Australia NSW.

    Near Newcastle
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    How does a premium GPS compare to the Nav6

    I use a Garmin 395 in a locking mount, a Sena intercom and my phone, the phone is Bluetoothed to the Garmin for phone and directly to the Sena for music which the Sena controls. The Garmin works fine with gloves. All works perfect.
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    Foot Pegs

    Fastway can raise or lower 10mm I think.
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    New guy from Western Norway, Bergen.

    Can't help with the suspension but you guys have The Best place in the world to ride.
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    Aux lighting: What am I missing?

    Be aware of local rules re lights and when and how they can be on. Here daytime running light are for daytime use and off when head lights are on. Fog lights are on when headlights are on but must be off in normal visibility. Driving lights must have a separate switch but controlled by high beam...
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    Locating PC8 Fuse Box in the Tool Kit Area?

    +1 for where the tool kit went, tool kit under the seat.
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    SOLD One of a kind 2012 Super Tenere

    The right hand crash bar is fitted so that the panel can be removed with the bars in situ, to gain access to the tools and battery.
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    Moisture/Condensation In Headlight Assembly/Unit

    Removing the head light unit is not difficult so it's easy to bring the light unit inside in the warm less humid atmosphere.
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    Madstad Windscreen System & High Temps

    It takes 10 minutes to change a screen, I have a short sports screen which is my preference and a tall Puig screen for winter/rain.
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    Under seat storage

    No, there is cargo rack of sorts.
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    New UK Memeber,from Preston Lancashire.

    Welcome, I'm late of Clayton le Woods now Stroud NSW.
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    Official Intro

    Welcome, the seat will break in you're arse or visa versa, stick with it she'll be right.
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    Has anyone removed the passenger grab handles?

    Spacers are not necessary as you can tap the ones in the grab handles out with a drift.
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    Bumot panniers fitted today.

    Their own racks.
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    Bumot panniers fitted today.

    This morning's little task