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    Yes, I let her cycle through the startup thing. I've been noticing this starting thing for awhile now, but never has she completely refused to start. I attribute it to failing battery, I'm going to do a spark plug/air filter tuneup soon which may help also. She's got 20,000 miles so I might have...
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    I just went through hell for the past day and a half. Haven't been riding because of a foot problem and bike has been setting for about 2/3 weeks. Yesterday went to fire her up and the old battery (OEM on 2016) didn't spin her fast enough and she wouldn't start. Charged and still had the same...
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    What is the calculated top speed of an S10?

    Best I ever got was 115 then got a death wobble. Might do better if I took the factory panniers off the back, tho.
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    Firstgear HT Air Overpants

    These are too small for me, or I would buy them. How come you're selling? I was looking at these and they seemed a good idea, but did read a comment that they make you look like the Michelin Tire guy? GLWS
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    Amsoil Metric or V Twin oil?

    Couldn't agree more!
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    Front Brake / Brake Light

    I was having a problem with CC light flashing and not activating on my 2016. At times brake light was staying on all the time. Dealer replaced switch and so far no problems. I think there's a problem with front brake switch. Yamaha knows about it and should do a recall, IMO.
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    Arizona S10 gathering

    Thanks! Lived in Vegas many years and Death Valley is an awesome place.
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    Are there soft bags available for the OEM panniers?

    I'm using a pair I had on my 2012 Victory Vision. They are really nice if you haul something into a hotel room. I'm sure the OEM liners fit better, but the Victory ones work fine for me.
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    Oil sight glass weirdness

    Just changed oil in my 2016 and the biggest pain is removing the Givi skid plate. That back right hand bolt is a PIA. I had a KTM 1290 SA that I put BDCW skid plate on and it was much easier for the oil change. To bad they don't make one for the S10. Oil change was simple, 1 gallon of Rotella...
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    Arizona S10 gathering

    Count me in, I'm down in Douglas. Can you give me a little info on the Vegas Death Valley ride? That sounds like fun
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    YES WARRANTY Purchase, renewal, questions

    Not sure quite what you mean here? There is a recall on cc/front brake switch? I finally got mine into the dealer and had it replaced yesterday (front brake switch), but he didn't say anything about recall. I also don't know why you would have to remove the crash bars? If we're talking about the...
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    Cold hip/S10 aerodynamics?

    I've noticed the same thing. I really notice it around 30 degrees f. Rode up to Tucson (2 hours) Monday at 6am and it was 27 when I left Douglas. Had leather chaps on so it was very noticable. Right hip area got cold. I'm probably going to get an Olympia jacket and pants when the ship sails in...
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    I had a KTM 1290 SA before the ST. It was a nice bike, but the seat wasn't comfortable, wind management didn't work well and maintenance was too high. Pros were the power, electronic suspension, self cancelling turn signals Cons were cruise control, chain maintenance, some finish problems (rust...
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    YES WARRANTY Purchase, renewal, questions

    As a point of interest.. I just now called Ride Now Powersports and spoke with service writer. He tells me he talked to Yamaha and they *may* be doing a recall on these, but he has to get with manager. Probably BS
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    YES WARRANTY Purchase, renewal, questions

    I took it to dealer in Tucson, they kept it for 3 days before they could even look at it. I told them about the brake switches and they 'diagnosed' a front switch and supposedly ordered a new switch. Brake light was on when I got home. I ended up spraying some silicone on front switch and...