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    OEM Super Tenere Rider Seat Pan Wanted

    Anyone have an oem Super Tenere rider seat pan they don't need?
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    National cycle Vstream sportouring vs PUIG touring light tinted

    Been very happy with the Puig Touring Light Tint on my 2014...combined with Powerbronze tinted winglets & X-Creeen Touring Windscreen provides extremely good & quiet coverage for me at 6' 1"
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    S10 Lowered Altrider Luggage Rack & Reinforcement Support

    They are very easy to make..see template at top of posting.
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    S10 Hand Guard Extensions

    Used a jig saw with a plastics blade to minimize melting, then hand sanded the edge
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    Yoshimura muffler just too loud - suggestions?

    Here are options for the oem muffler:
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    S10 Lowered Altrider Luggage Rack & Reinforcement Support

    That sucks...Some early run 1st gen Altrider luggage racks had misaligned mounting holes that did crack
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    A TPMS question

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    A TPMS question

    The instructions are not the best...the missing bit of info is that once installed you must ride the bike for several revolutions of the tire for the wheel sensors to wake up & sync with the head unit. Make sure to do this before entering custom high/low values. Afterwards it will display the...
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    A TPMS question

    Been using the Cyclops TPMS w/stem mounted sensors on the oem rubber stems for 2.5 years with no issues
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    Yamaha Super Tenere OEM Muffler Mods

    It was originally a little lean somewhere in the 14's with a few areas spiking around we did fatten it up a little & smooth out the <5k rpm curve in the final tune, which made it feel more refined..the current fueling is exemplary! See post #11 above for sound output.
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    ECU flash Canada

    A dyno tune would improve performance a little by identifying peaks & valleys in the powerband & dialing in fueling for your specific bike...think refinement....particularly off idle & in the 2k to 2800 rpms & 3500 to 4500 rpms where the S10 is known to have peaks & valleys (have read where...
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    Wolo S10 Dual Horn Plug-n-Play Upgrade

    sorry they measure at 5.5 a..not bad..they are reasonably loud & a big improvement over oem for a plug-n-play option
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    ECU flash Canada

    My high mileage was 23.4 km/l = 66.4 mpg imperial or 55 mpg us 2 up post flash...gentle riding with my son on pillion. The up to 20% gains are in the 1st 3 gears under 5,500 rpm under certain throttle, loading, rpm, gear conditions after removal of the oem throttle map restrictions...NOT...
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    ECU flash Canada

    Mileage will be proportional to your throttle hand (riding style), amount & duration of increased rpm & amount of time spent in 'closed loop' (steady state & O2 sensors) vs 'open loop' (oem or flash fuel map)...the S10 gets thirstier >4k rpm...below that it is very frugal for displacement/weight...
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    ECU flash Canada

    My dyno tune/flash + Arrow header completely transformed the bike & my riding experience....all to the good side of the ledger...power output, fueling & throttle response are exemplary now (particularly at real world speeds) & the bike is an absolute hoot surfing the massively flat torque from...