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    To ES or non-ES...that is the question (input needed)

    Thanks gang for the feedback. Appreciate the opinions and will certainly take into account as I continue my 'S10 Hunt'.
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    To ES or non-ES...that is the question (input needed)

    Maxified - Thank you for the quick reply. The notion of handlebar adjustable changes with the press of a button are certainly appealing. I missed out by about 4 hours on a deal on a 2014 ES that was decently equipped...looks like I will keep hunting.
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    To ES or non-ES...that is the question (input needed)

    Ok, after looking at KTM's, V-Strom's, BMW's, Honda's and Triumph's I have committed to a S10 for the next bike in the garage. Focusing on 2014 through current only and need the forum's help on determining IF I need to be targeting an ES or standard S10. This bike will be limited commuter use...
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    Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots

    I bought a pair last month and have about 1,500 miles on them...while they are the first dedicated moto boots I've owned they are certainly living up to their 'hype' so far.
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    Mn/Twin Cities Tenere Owners

    Sorry as I am late to the party but would 2nd the Badger recommendation. Would also add Enki out in Victoria, u4ic Brewery out in Blakeley and the J.Carver Distillery in Waconia to the mix if you are up for a tour of the south west metro...when the munchies hit Hoppers in downtown Waconia has...