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    First time using (needing!) my Dirt Napper

    I think you can get on a list. Email them. Dad invented it and his son runs the business. They can’t keep up with demand so they stop taking orders. They emailed me last time they got caught up.
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    First time using (needing!) my Dirt Napper

    I took a short video of me picking up the bike with it, but can’t figure how to post it. It certainly gives me confidence to go places I wouldn’t without it.
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    First time using (needing!) my Dirt Napper

    On a solo ride to visit two of my daughters in Colorado I chose to ride through the Manti-La Sal national forest on 022. It’s a beautiful ride and a good gravel road. I took a cut off up to Wrigley Reservoir and stupidly tried to ride around it in rather deep pea gravel. I dropped the bike and...
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    Greetings from Northern California

    I just bought a Gl1800 because it’s more comfortable for my wife. It has really made me appreciate my Super Tenere even more! The Super T is the best bike I have ever owned! You’re going to love it!
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    Any train, plane or nuke buffs around? Went to EBR 1 today.

    We were just there last week. What an interesting place!
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    Water pump guard for the Super Tenere

    I would like one!
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    What DON’T you like about your S10?

    Maybe I missed it…. Did no one mention range? My only real complaint is having to stop for gas every 200 miles! The range was an issue in some parts of British Columbia, Alaska and even Baja. Of course I carry extra fuel canisters but it’s a hassle to use.
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    I think it's time to hang it up.

    I love my Kilimanjaro and hope I never have to part with it. It only has about 40k on it now so I’ve got a long way to go.
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    Lowered passenger/pillion pegs

    Great!! Thanks. My wife will really appreciate these!
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    Lowered passenger/pillion pegs

    Hi, My wife’s knees bother her after a long day riding with me. Has anyone lowered the pillion pegs for their passengers comfort? Did it help? Any suggestions on where to get some? thanks, ken
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    Why are other people's personal posts/info being shown in "Latest profile posts?"

    Yep, one is mine. I thought I was sending a DM that would not be public. It’s alright. I like talking about motorcycles. :)
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    Steering Dampener Who is Using One?

    Sometimes you may be riding down a dirt road and all of a sudden there is sand. . We had that happen in Death Valley and Moab. (Btw, I am not a good dirt rider…. But the bike told me to go there )
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    Steering Dampener Who is Using One?

    I’ve often wondered if it would help when riding two up in the sand. I hate sand don’t ride in it well.
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    Show me your bike loaded with tent camping gear

    My wife and I go for two weeks or more every year. We camp every night and have breakfast and dinner at the site. We usually stop for a good lunch. This was Idaho in June. Most of our backpacking gear does double duty. The tent was already taken off the left pannier in this photo.
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    This thread started in 2014. A lot of folks are catching up to me. (I quit counting my age at 62.). :)