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    Sold: 2017 ES Tenere - 8010 miles - $9,200

    Sierra1 is 100% correct. Taking plates off another bike is knowingly breaking the law better to get pulled over 10 times withou plates and explain situation. Why don’t y’all just use an independent title company in Oklahoma and pay them to deal with an out of state transaction?
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    All parts sold

    I’ll take the following. Send you a pm with my info thanks 50 - Barkbuster storm wrap around handguards $50 - Altrider universal joint guard, brake caliper guard, and enlarged side stand foot. 25 - DS Bike tool box. 10 - adjustable brake and clutch levers 25 - PIAA 400 mhz and 500 mhz horns...
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    SOLD Russell Day Long Driver Seat

    Pm sent
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    $sold$ side wind deflectors

    I’ll take them if other guy backs out
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    Clutch/Brake lever position adjusting dial.

    flex bar helped me more then anything. I keep it on counter and pick it up for a few minutes regularly
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    Help me find boots for my fat feet. I’ve been wearing these for years true EEE. Side zipper pull only lasted a year on my non waterproof ones but a small cable tie is perfect fix.
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    Gen2 Windscreen brackets to stop vibrations **SOLD OUT**

    Received mine today. I didn’t know USPS could work that fast! thanks
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    Gen2 Windscreen brackets to stop vibrations **SOLD OUT**

    PayPal sent with my address
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    Stupid Crappy OEM side case locks

    Is this a brand new bike that the three locks came with it or is it possible that you have the wrong key? Turning the key counterclockwise after pushing in the red lockdowns is how it attach/detach to the bike and it must be locked down before you can open or close the lid by turning the key...
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    Stupid Crappy OEM side case locks

    If your trying to lock the lid as it sits in your picture it won’t. You need to push in the red lockdowns front and rear(like you were locking the entire case to the bike) then you can lock / unlock the lid.
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    ***SOLD*** For Sale XT1200 OEM Service Manual

    I’ll take it if it covers the es models. Just send me PayPal info.
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    Summary About Lights

    I’ve had these installed since April and about 8k miles with no issue. I think night eyes were bought out by nova sight. You gotta get the extended caps from deftoner/Victor. HUGE difference in lighting over stock!
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    Large Caps for led Lights for Yamaha Super Tenere All Models ( More Pics ).

    Hey victor, Glad you made some more just sent you money thru PayPal for another set.