SOLD!!!! 2012 Super Tenere For Sale Spokane WA $5500 OBO


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Feb 14, 2011
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We’ll start with the basics before we move on:

41,908 miles and climbing

Alt Rider skid plate and crash guards

Touratech rear luggage rack and metal panniers

Taller windshield(Parabellum24")-also will come with original stock windshield
Madstad adjustable windshield bracket.

Shinko 804-805 tires installed about 200 miles ago

Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Coolant change done this year

Tractive X-Treme Rear shock Installed at 40,940 miles. I’ve got two stock shocks too. One is blown, one I bought used to finish last years season. The blown one has a heavier spring on it.

Halogen head lights-required bigger covers in the back. I’ve also got the stock covers.

Rox Riser handle bar risers

Factory Yamaha Service Manual-The book, not the cd

Shori battery

ECU was re-flashed by a member on the Super Tenere Forum." Enhanced Tour Lite, Enhanced Sport Mode.”

The major service was performed by WestSide Motorsports at 23,348 miles. Valves were checked (okay-no adjustment needed) and I had them put a Gen 2 CCT in it as I was starting to get clatter at start up. This cured it. I’ve kept the paper work on that service. While I’m thinking about it, some of the Gen 1 bikes had clutch vibrations at speed. The Gen 2 bikes used different clutch springs and seemed to of solved that issue. I’ve never noticed any problems with mine.

Numerous spare parts (new air filter, new wire harness for head lights, etc.) I know, you want to know about the light harness. The gen 1 bikes had a problem with the head light harness because they used light duty connectors. They would over heat and the head light/lights would go out. This finally got recalled and Yamaha made a new harness for the bike. I took my harness out, got good connectors for it before the recall. My dealer took care of me and gave me the new harness. I never had to replace the original I worked on.

I of course have free clear Title.

Spare Final Drive-more on that down below:


I’m the original owner. I did a fly and ride from Washington State to Texas as the dealers in my area didn’t want to deal-LOL!!! I rode around Texas for a while until I I put a few miles on it, took it back for it’s first oil change/final drive oil change and then headed back to Washington. Did a bit of camping along the way-what a great time!!! I do most of the maintance on the bike myself. Valve checks on this bike are beyond me-I’ll leave that to the dealers.

I bought this bike because I wanted to travel both on and off road. I like to camp, fish, hike, etc. To be honest, I’ve taken this bike places that I really shouldn’t have. There have been times I’ve gotten a pretty good work out lifting this big pig up. I’ve used it as a tool to do the things I love to do. Pack mule for sure. If you’re looking for a garage queen, look else where. The are some scratches here and there. Never been stranded, always made it home. Reliable as an anvil.

I’m not getting any younger but I’m not ready for the rocking chair yet-LOL!! When the 700 Tenere was announced, I thought really hard about a lighter bike.I’ve got a 250 that’s okay for local duty but for long drives on the high way, I want a little more punch. I thought I’d wait a while and one day while I was going to get some chain lube for my WR250R, the dealer had just got some T700’s in. I bought one. The 1200 has served me well. I’m going to miss it!!!

Okay, lets talk about the final drive:

At 41,133 miles, I had just come back home from a ride and noticed oil all over my rear wheel. I did check the rear drive oil level-lots still there but it was still leaking. WTF!!! Started reading online (The Tennerist), the Super Tenere Forum, Youtube in general-there are two oil seals in the final drive that start to seep around the 40,000 mile mark. To make a long story short, I got the seals, put them in and they lasted about 200 miles and then started to leak again. I pulled the final drive out again and it looks like it’s just the outer seal leaking and not the inner. I again ordered new seals but this time I learned that they were back ordered 78 plus days. Well, okay, I ordered them anyway. I did some more reading. I found a used final drive at Sun Coast Cycle Sports. They are basically a motorcycle salvage yard. According to the person I talked to, the bike had 27,000 miles on it before it was wrecked. They were asking $130 for the FD with free shipping. I bought it. When it arrived, I installed it. Put some fresh Valvoline SYN 80-90 gear oil in it and took it for a long drive. I asked my wife to be ready to come get me before I left. There was no need. Bike ran great. That’s the final drive I’m using now. When I get the seals, If I still haven’t sold the bike, I’ll install them again. I did some research and found out when you install oil seals, you put grease on them. I just used final drive oil when I installed them. I’ll get some seal drivers instead of a punch. If I sell the bike before I get the seals, I’ll send the seals to the buyer.


$5500 OBO

No Trades

Not interested in selling parts

Thanks for looking!

For some pics, please PM me.

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