First time using (needing!) my Dirt Napper


Jun 22, 2015
Tracy, CA
On a solo ride to visit two of my daughters in Colorado I chose to ride through the Manti-La Sal national forest on 022. It’s a beautiful ride and a good gravel road. I took a cut off up to Wrigley Reservoir and stupidly tried to ride around it in rather deep pea gravel. I dropped the bike and couldn’t lift it. (Ya I know, but I’m 69 and don’t feel as macho as I used to). I was sure glad I had the Dirt Napper. It was a piece of cake!

if you haven’t crossed there before, do it. It’s beautiful and there are lots of nice places to camp!26380163-3B92-473B-9DB2-76F6BB57DEA8.jpegA2383F7D-DB25-4CD0-A593-EFCCC07DE2CF.jpeg


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Mar 23, 2013
I have the another guys version of it. Have not had to use it yet .
Have a link to the similar product?

Edit: Found it.

Edit again. I see now that there are several similar products out there. I kind of like the looks of this one. It's kind of heavy, all steel.

The long thread over on Advrider does have a lot in it about the manufacturer of the Dirt Napper keeping up with demand.
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Jun 26, 2022
It's kinda funny that I read your post a couple of days ago and sure as shoot, the bike tipped over on the gravel near my shed. I was planning to gently lower the bike onto it's side and try to lift it as practice for a while now, but gravity decided to speed up my learning curve. I calmly took of my jacket, gloves, and helmet, chuckled to myself and took a pause to think. I have watched many videos on how to pickup large adventure bikes. (Bret Tkacs, Jocelyn Snow, Etc). For reference I am coming off 2006 KLR650. I have to say that I found the experience quite painless. The KLR was way harder to lift compared to my S10. I can only assume that the lower center of gravity helped. Now also for reference I am 56 yrs old and 6'-3". I hope that dropping fully loaded with a full tank of gas is a long way away. I have seen the Dirt Napper and was interested in it. It seems like a fine bit of kit. In time I will probably fab one up. I am glad that you had it Jazzer and thx for letting us know about your experience with the positive outcome. Stay safe out there.