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Sep 11, 2016
North Central Rhode Island
Well, booger, somewhere is my last post surfing the ether somewhere. Let me try again.
I searched using cargo+van and noting usable showed up.
I dreamed I had an original thought but now remember there was a way back post that doesn't show up in my search.
I have a similar intention relative to renting a cargo van and having a non rider operator chase me/us so we can all enjoy America's scenery and overnight stops.
Imagine a cranky old European immigrant mc rider (maybe two) visiting established east coast friends leading a cargo van around basically ME westerly to OH/ILL southerly to GA/FL then back up the east coast within 4 weeks, yeah maybe 6 weeks, we need to be back before college resumes.
The purpose of the cargo van is twofold, one mc is brand new unproven 2024 Ninja 1000 SX, and two, the van operator is a non rider but a worthy traveler in all other aspects.
Now here it is:
did you recently rent anything van like that could haul a Ninja? and/or god forgive an S10?
can we pitch tents in your back yard if the proverbial excrement hits the fan?
I must mention I am a bit thrifty other than completely willing and able to provide single malt or suitable alternative.
Sorry for the grammar errors, no time to correct, wife has arrived from the market.
All the best.


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Mar 7, 2011
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Unless renting a medium/tall height Transit or similar, loading a van typically means removing the fairing and handle bars.
This is the Tenere in a Transit 148" mid-height:

While located near Damascus, MD, I'm not around enough any more to have couch surfers and have no outdoor toilet facilities for campers.

When on the road, I look for State and County parks which are usually a lot cheaper than big campgrounds. This one is near me: