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    Tenere rider in trouble

    Check vacuum hoses at TB. In particular the lines you use when balancing the throttle bodies. Battery still strong? No error codes popping up?
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    Animal Rescue

    Congrats! Looks brand new!
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I think they used the allen key style because a bolt such as the hex used if hits something will cause damage to the final drive and/or threads, plug, etc.
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    SOLD Yamaha OEM Tall Touring Windshield (Part No. 2BS-F83J0-V0-00, Fits 2014-2021) - Like New Condition

    If it helps anyone....I've tried several different windshields and this one for me has been the best. I have it on a madstad bracket.
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    The next generation of Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT adventure bikes

    Looks promising... Price is incredible and the interest rate they are offering is Incredible. One thing I don't like is how they don't give power specs such as horsepower and torque I'm sure I can find it somewhere but it should be laid out for everyone I don't know why motorcycle manufacturers...
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    One of my most useful and valuable pieces of camping gear

    I think I paid all of $5 for the sprayer /nozzle and the small section of hose. Amazing how useful this has been and I have brought it with me on all of my trips past three years. it's come in handy every single trip! In particular my last trip I used a campsite in Nebraska. Paid $50 for the...
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    ADV fest July 15-18 2021

    Got back from ADV fest 2 days ago. Had a blast! The folks at Comoto (Revzilla, Cycle Gear, J&P Cycles, Rever) are great and bent over backwards to make sure we had a great time. And that includes Spurge himself! Spurgeon is his real name, not a nickname. He is a passionate motorcyclist and one...
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    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    Just got back from ADV fest in Sturgis a 2 days ago. Of all the bikes there, KTM had the biggest showing. I was surprised to see how many Super Adventures there were! Such an awesome bike and it right now is at the top of my list for my next bike. I hung out with and rode with 2 different guys...
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    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    AS I WAS!!!! I had another demo ride but much more extensive at ADV fest in Sturgis. Harley was there and they brought a huge presentation and a large fleet of demo bikes. I rode it again, and got to REALLY test it out including off road. I said in my first demo ride it felt like my Tenere has...
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    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    I did put it in the sport mode. I also had put it on a road mode because it had just rained outside. If they somehow limited the bike I would hope that they would at least say something because it would turn people away? but like I said I was really surprised I was expecting to feel more power...
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    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    Had an opportunity to finally test ride one today at a demo days. I can't say for sure that I was wowed by the bike. Some good things some bad things some things I'm not sure I understand. What I did not understand what seemed to be a limited rev range within each gear. It seems like at certain...
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    Anyone bought the new SW-MOTECH Pro Side Carriers yet?

    Was not familiar with these and just looked them up....They look great! I like Tusk products. Looks to be just as durable as the Mosko Moto. Also looks like they hold more than the Mosko Moto. Not sure about prices, but they are only $449USD at Rocky Mountain ATV.
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    ADV fest July 15-18 2021

    Looks like I'm going.....leaving on Monday from Fort Worth, Texas. Going to take my time getting there. Probably stop and fish a couple of times. Anyone else going?
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    Somebody should buy this bike.

    Nice dealio, and has Jaxson's boulder buster!