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    Tapatalk installed on T700 Forum

    I'll compare to ADVRider. ADVRider has an UNBELIEVABLE amount of information about a ton of cycles. It's an amazing information source, but it's completely unorganized. Some threads on there are thousands of pages long. Yes, you can search, but it's still hard to find information, and it's...
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    Site Spam?

    We have multiple spam filters running. On a normal day there are around 10 spam registrations that I have to nuke. Some slip through though, nothing we can do except maybe require a first post in the members intro board, but all that would do is localize the spam. Personally I'd say we are...
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    Tapatalk installed on T700 Forum

    I finally installed Tapatalk over on the T700 forum. Sorry for the delay.
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    How to get that fine brew of black gold in the morning

    I'm not particular. Maxwell House instant or Folgers single serve does the trick for me.
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    Pre-Ride Report for Pennsylvania section of MABDR

    I rode this section the FIRST time I ever was on dirt with my KLX250S. My mentor must have thought very highly of me because we parked at Bald Eagle (had a hitch carrier) and this was the first section we rode up to the vista at the top. I didn't dump it, but I definitely wasn't comfortable...
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    Dumbass Encounter

    Yesterday I'm out for a solo ride, and in 15 years of riding I experienced a new act of idiocy and figured I'd share. It's 6:00PM in deer country (PA) and I'm leisurely strolling along at 45MPH (limit: 40MPH) as I'm about to enter the French Creek State Park are on RT 345. I'm positioned in...
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    Military Charities?

    My wife has been doing the cookie sales for her troop for years. I'd have to ask her for specifics, but the local troop doesn't get much. The bulk of the profits goes to local or national council. They went rogue and have done a few spaghetti dinners with a local Cafe and make quite a bit...
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    Military Charities?

    Exactly what I'm concerned about.
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    Military Charities?

    I'm looking for suggestions on good, legit, military-focused charities of any type. I know of some of the larger ones like Wounded Warrior project but I haven't looked at any in detail. If anybody has any suggestions for a good organization, post up who and why.
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    Is that what you get when you login? Or did that happen when you tried a specific forum function?
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    Freezing of posts

    6 hour limit on delete/edit currently. As previously mentioned, if something really needs an edit or delete later on just report the post with a comment. Over time we'll settle out what is truly needed.
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    Noted. I'll see what I can do.
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    Freezing of posts

    Well, you never know what the next upgrade might bring!
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    Freezing of posts

    Try it now, I tweaked the settings for the for sale board.