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    Grip Puppies

    Grab On Universal Grip Covers are pretty much the same as Grip Puppies and can be found on ebay or other vendors for $12 or less.
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    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Sale pending upon transfer of funds.
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    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Mark, Sent you a pm.
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    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Went to Advanced Motorsports in Dallas and got a '17 Ducati Multistrada 950 demo w/ 471 miles on the odometer. Love the light weight & handling.
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    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Bought another (new to me) motorcycle for my 71st birthday and need to make room in the garage, so the reliable Tenere is up for sale. Not ready to quit riding yet here in the hill country.
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    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Price: $7,100 Location: Kerrville, Texas 2nd owner, bought this 12/16 with 1,600 miles on odometer; current mileage 16,832 Clear title No damage history (dropped once at gas pump w/ small scuff to right mirror) Accessories: Yamaha OEM crash bars, VStream windscreen (also have OEM), Slipstream...
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    Best battery?

    Replaced the Yuasa in my '14 S10 this month w/ a Parts Unlimited battery w/ upgraded CCA's like the YTZ14S. Costs about $90 OTD at the local dealer. If it lasts 2 yrs (or more), I'll be happy, especially since the cost of a new Yuasa YTZ14S was hard to swallow. Regarding Scorpion batteries...
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    Neotec 2 Fitment Issue

    Had a Neotec in the past and now have a Neotec II - I actually found the Neotec II to be a little loose and ended up getting thicker cheekpads. Forehead area fit is OK w/o any pressure points or hotspots. The Neotec II was ordered from a US Shoei dealer. I'll add that in the past I ordered a...
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    Do you wear a 'flip up type' modular helmet ? What brand ?

    I've owned the HJC Symax modular, their RPHA modular (unfortunately ordered this from Webike Japan and it didn't fit since their shape is round rather than long oval), Caberg, Schuberth E1 (nice lid but the shape was just slightly off for my head and hence uncomfortable on long rides), Shoei...
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    Will be turning 70 years young on the 27th of this month. Now that I've divulged my birthday, ya'll are welcome to send money to my Paypal account or start a Go Fund Me account so I can celebrate the big 70 in style.;)
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    Tenere seat recommendations

    I had a ride-in appt w/ Terry at his shop in Manchester, TN while on my way to Helen, GA about 18 months ago - big improvement over the OEM seat. However, I felt that the foam that Terry used was a little soft for me (~ 215 lbs, 6 ft, 32 inch inseam). Traded the Terry for a used Russell a few...
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    Accessory Bar Vibrations

    Same here - issue resolved!
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    New guy from Texas

    Welcome from over here in Kerrville!
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    Is this bike worth the money?

    Don't be afraid to travel a little to get the Tenere that you want. I looked for a used Gen ll and found one in Tulsa, OK - was able to negotiate a good deal in the cold of December and rode it home to Texas. Here's one in OK...
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    SOLD: Terry's Custom Seat

    I had this seat done by Terry on 4/22/17 as a ride-in appt at his shop in Manchester, TN while enroute to Helen, GA. Front seat was completely redone w/ the bucket style using a subtle blue thread in the stitching work - have to be up close to tell that the thread is blue. The rear seat was...