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    Anyone done a Gambler 500 event?

    Over the weekend, got to attend my first Gambler 500 event. If you have any interest in this stuff at all, definitely go! Everyone is super cool and you can bring any car/truck/suv/van you have, you don't need to build anything special. I did, just because I wanted to and it was fun but there...
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    Aprilia 660 Tuareg

    Aprilia makes nice bikes, but they cut off parts for older model bikes pretty quick and even getting parts for new bikes can take more time than the "usual" brands do.
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    Anyone done a Gambler 500 event?

    Third video is out there.
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    Veterans Day 2021

    My daughter, son-in-law, son and I all have served so you could say it's in the family. The kids are smarter than I am, I retired USN and they all served USAF. Thank you to all who served!
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    Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps

    I'm sure we have some service members in this group. Thank you for your service, Devil Dogs. 246 years and counting!
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    Diesel problems

    If the key wasn't turned on, no diesel would have gone through the bike's fuel pump. Could likely siphon out all but a pint or so. I would then add a gallon of fuel, slosh it around and siphon out as much of that as I could. Then fill the tank and ride it forever because it's a Tenere.
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    Anyone done a Gambler 500 event?

    I have added some stickers, more lights and more stripes because there's never enough! Will post pictures later. My first Gambler event is this weekend in Lucerne Valley, two days of self guided rally including on and off road sections with a camping meet at the end of day one. If anyone is in...
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    Used HD PanAm

    I really like the Pan Am, but being a cheap guy (we like to all ourselves frugal) I can't spend that kind of money on one. Last I had heard, HD has sold all of them they have built so I guess the price is right for the non-frugal riders out there and it definitely has the tech to back up the...
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    S10 Discontinued?

    Anyone who relies on electronic navigation only needs to rethink their adventure riding! Anyway, as a few people have posted, the market is pushing towards more electronics and technology. While there are some people who don't want it, the majority of people spending money at the...
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    The anything thread.

    Harley tried to make a better BMW (Pan America) so BMW had to strike back!
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    New Honda 2022 NT1100 Model

    The Silver Wing scooter was sold here in the States as well. It does seem odd that this is the Honda sport touring offering but no shaft drive, no cruise, etc. Maybe if it's selling at a lower price that will bring in people?
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    New Honda 2022 NT1100 Model

    I'm guessing it's engine is based off the Africa Twin, just like the Rebel 1100 or whatever? Honda is getting into using the same engine in many different configurations.