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    Poor starting - electrical

    Salt. Not fresh water… That was the question. Unless Tenman lives at the mouth of the Gulf and the Mississippi. And enjoys weekly water crossings. Just inquiring:) For comparison, my 2012 Super Ten lived (mostly) outdoors 1 block from Carlsbad Beach/Pacific Ocean for over 5 years and still has...
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    Poor starting - electrical

    Wow, what part does that connector lead to/from? Also, does your bike experience a lot of water crossings/salt air exposure. Weird, right?
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    New auxiliary lights

    That is a GREAT layout! Way to go!
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    Poor starting - electrical

    Welcome to the group:) Since you say, “Spends all day on a solar charger”… I make the following observation: I had a solar charger once, and when it finally failed… it continued to overcharge the battery, and eventually killed the battery. Just a thought:)
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    2012 Charging Problem

    I’m sorry this is happening to you. It looks like you’ve done a thorough diagnostic to resolve the issue. Do you mind if I ask, “how many miles are on your motorcycle?”
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    ADV Training

    Well, I haven’t personally used Ride ADV training, but I have watched nearly their entire YouTube video catalog. They seem very organized and thorough. Also, they have two training locations: Bend, Oregon Las Vegas, Nevada Happy riding! TRAINING TOURS...
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    SOLD 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere, Arizona, $5000

    I second that emotion, “Nice Bike”!!! Also, I have a question about the brand of accessory you have hanging off of the windshield support brackets. That looks great. Can you share a few details so I can try and find one for myself? Image below:
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    SOLD - $80 - Helibar bar risers

    PM Sent
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    Bike Won't Start

    You said, So, maybe your charging is actually OVERCHARGING THE BATTERY? Just a thought.
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    ACD Skidplate…..ummmmm

    Wow! You said there was, “a 3’ gap”… Three foot wide gap! Damn, that was truly effed-up! LOL
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    got my eye on the Kawasaki z900rs

    B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L!!!!
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    2012 Genuine Yamaha Factory Service Manual

    Sorry, he PM’d me that he sold it:)
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    *SOLD* Custom 8 gallon main fuel tank - Super Tenere

    Thank you for letting me know.
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    auxiliary storage box

    That is a fair price. Can you tell me if this will work with the Jesse odyssey ll cases?
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    Sargent Seats from my 2016

    Thank you for responding.