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    Goin for a boat ride

    I will be saying prayers for you, hoping that the huge Canadian storm doesn’t continue its southwestern trajectory and interrupt your fun ride. You might need two balaclavas, L O L!!! Brrrrrr! :eek:
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    Recently started stuttering at low RPMs, loss of power in high gears over 4k RPM

    Hello, Do you know if the prior owner changed out the cam chain tensioner? If the chain jumped a tooth, you might have all of the symptoms which you describe. You might look through the old records and see if that work was done. It’s a critical component on a motorcycle of that era.
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    Rukka Navarro 2 v Klim badlands pro 3

    Hello MattR, Sorry to hear about your fall/collision and injuries. I hope you have a quick and mostly pain-free recovery.o_O;) I am super curious what brand and model of tires you were riding at the time. I am also wondering how many miles had been driven on those tires. This information may...
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    First ride on my new-to-me bike

    Hey Scott F, Welcome to the Super Tenere ownership tribe! You will love your new ride! I also had similar experience with buffeting and even with the taller windscreen I found myself in the same situation you are. However, I recently added “wind deflectors” to my 2012 Super Tenere and it...
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    The anything thread.

    Hmmm, ;) Maybe because it’s an Alpha?:D
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    You're selling your bike, you're moving on, what NEXT ?

    Hey “Streethawk”, I see the appeal, for a lot of different reasons:). I have been keeping a close eye on availability and pricing in the used market for the HD Pan America (in the Reno/NorCal/West Coast area). For the longest time there was very little availability, but now there seems to be...
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    Aftermarket mirrors?

    Tee Hee!!! :cool:…. You said, “My balls are also misshapen!”;) Lol !!!
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    S10 as a touring bike?

    Good Morning havighurst, You may want to check out this listing for a really well equipped bike with practically no mileage on it.®-5024308571 I was looking around for the top case that is on the back of this bike and I saw it in...
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    Pannier Top Bags

    ⬆Those Pannier Top Bags look great. What brand are they?
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    Hard panniers breaking

    Until last week, I didn’t know Yamaha made the tragic mistake of putting out a three wheeler. I thought it was just a Honda thing. This might be a pretty rare little toy, for sale currently:) My neighbor...
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    Hard panniers breaking

    It seems that most cats hang on for dear life!!!
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    Average MPG

    So, So, in US terms; 34.36 MPG
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Thanks, I just downloaded the Rever App. Do you pay the $39.99 subscription? Or do you have the free version?
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Great looking ride! Good for you:). I am curious, what app (or device) were you using to track this ride with those wonderful details? It looks really nice. Thank you for your time,
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    The anything thread.

    Hmmm, my daughter is in NH and just yesterday experienced THE COLDEST TEMP ON RECORD @ -108° F!