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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Hey Everyone, This is one of my favorite pictures; taken when I was touring the southwest during winter. I was moving my camp from Anza Borrego in California to Ehrenberg in Arizona near the CA/AZ border at the time of this photo. I would park/camp in the tiny motorcycle tent trailer for...
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    The anything thread.

    Cool! But, it’s not always the “pulling”… but the “stopping” that is the problem
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    SOLD $3,500 - 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere for Sale 81k miles

    Niiiice…. You are right… it’s quite young:)
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    SOLD $3,500 - 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere for Sale 81k miles

    SOLD. - Hey Tenere Fans, This is not my listing for my motorcycle. It’s simply a helpful “shout-out” to anyone looking to get into an S-10 at a great entry level price. The link below will give you all the details...
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    2013 Super Tenere $9700

    RogueRider, Dang, It’s a “time-capsule”!!! That’s only 1,079 miles per year (or 89 miles per month);)! Someone is going love that bike!!!
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    2012 SUPER TENERE IN CENTRAL NH Price Drop - $6800

    Hey Hopkinton, I have the same exact motorcycle. Except I just turned over 67,000 miles. I sent a link to this page to my brother and told him we should takeoff on a tour right away. I’ll see what he says. He may be your buyer! :cool:
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    Huggers etc

    Hey Vanny, Regarding removing, “drive shaft and rear brake protector.” I believe those two aftermarket parts are in place to stop your pant leg from getting stuck when mounting and dismounting the motorcycle. I could be incorrect, based on your description of the parts. This happened to me...
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    2014 Tenere 1200 overheating

    “Has anyone tried lubricating the shaft?” All the time, it increases the quality of the ride ;)
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    Engine Management Light on

    Cam Chain Tensioner (CCT)???
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    Three Tener’s and a KTM heading to WYBDR

    Damn! DamMechanic, I have been wanting to do the Wyoming BDR, but continue to be laid up after a severe collision has sidelined me since July 2020. Have some fun on my behalf:cool:. Please be careful.
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    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    WJBertrand, Did you mean that they carry around an extra case, like in this photo? What does that thing weigh?
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    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    Yes, AND it still had a boot in the middle of the driveline… it’s just weird from a design perspective.
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    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    Hmmm, that reminds me… it might be time to wash my ride… gotta get in all those nooks and crannies:cool: