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    Ticking noise

    Hey “JJTJ2”, 7,500 total miles over a 5-year period:oops:! That’s only 1,500 miles driven each year! Or, only 125 miles ridden per week! I think the weird noises you are hearing are your Super Tenere doing it’s best to complain about not being ridden as designed, ie; HARD. A suggestion: give...
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    What's next for the Super Ten?

    We can all dream… ;)
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    I have a 2023 Super Tenere, the owner's manual says 91 octane fuel?

    Hello “WJBertrand” and “Campion”, All of my comments are based on recognized US standards and terms: You are correct, I mistakenly typed 89 RON, instead of the “95 RON” which was reflected in the photo of the VEC sticker from my bike. The notation should have stated the following, “The actual...
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    2014 Super Tenere 1200 ES for sale - $7,800 -

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    I have a 2023 Super Tenere, the owner's manual says 91 octane fuel?

    Hello “Campion”, Can you please clarify THE SPECIFIC FUEL RECOMMENDATION, which is located on the Vehicle Emission Control (VEC) sticker, which is most likely located on the right side of the bike, near the upper shock mount, on the black plastic box which houses the ABS and is under the seat...
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    Free - rear OEM rack (silver)

    Yes, I am in Reno and could really use this part! No shipping:). Just please private message (pm) me and let me know where and when i can pick it up. Preferably tomorrow:)
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    The anything thread.

    Lagunitas IPA is produced in Petaluma, in Northern California… The bottle shown in the posting by “stefanonhiss10” does not appear to be non-alcoholic… it is probably the standard 6.2% alcohol by volume variety. It is very tasty! I had no idea Lagunitas exported to Europe, good for them! But...
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    The anything thread.

    Nice “saddle bags”! ;)
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    Rear brake rotor questions

    I use Yamaha Parts Warehouse:
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    Goin for a boat ride

    I will be saying prayers for you, hoping that the huge Canadian storm doesn’t continue its southwestern trajectory and interrupt your fun ride. You might need two balaclavas, L O L!!! Brrrrrr! :eek:
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    Recently started stuttering at low RPMs, loss of power in high gears over 4k RPM

    Hello, Do you know if the prior owner changed out the cam chain tensioner? If the chain jumped a tooth, you might have all of the symptoms which you describe. You might look through the old records and see if that work was done. It’s a critical component on a motorcycle of that era.
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    Rukka Navarro 2 v Klim badlands pro 3

    Hello MattR, Sorry to hear about your fall/collision and injuries. I hope you have a quick and mostly pain-free recovery.o_O;) I am super curious what brand and model of tires you were riding at the time. I am also wondering how many miles had been driven on those tires. This information may...
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    First ride on my new-to-me bike

    Hey Scott F, Welcome to the Super Tenere ownership tribe! You will love your new ride! I also had similar experience with buffeting and even with the taller windscreen I found myself in the same situation you are. However, I recently added “wind deflectors” to my 2012 Super Tenere and it...