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    3 connectors under seat

    Still don't know what the small ones are, agree with tallpaul on the big one.
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    It's finally arrived!

    Sweet ride, ride time will only increase soon, might see me around Cambridgeshire get down there from Leicestershire quite often to duxford and beyond.
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    Headlight Switch

    No off switch for the headlight on these, ignition on puts sidelights on, start bike headlight on.
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    Barkbusters Install

    Oh, I see what you mean, if your handy with a welder they could be modified i guess.
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    Barkbusters Install

    Depends if yours is gen 1 or newer, hepco do two types of protectors, bars can be rotated and these still work, standard or non standard bar weights as well. Its bar width more than anything that effects the use of these. Good bit of kit though.
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    Barkbusters Install

    Like the bark busters, I went a different way and added extenders and Hepco and Becker protection bars, looks tidy and trust me they work well.
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    Yep, Givi fitting kit, haven't had it hit the caliper it is close but even loaded and through green lanes not an issue, I have details for a mounting plate I intend doing over the next couple of months, will update this when done.
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    Got a givi on mine, works really well.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Hi, my lights are small legs brought off ebay, I made ten of these lights at once and had some components at home, you will need some M6 bolts and nuts but main components are below from ebay. Best thing to do is get the led's first and play around with a way of clamping them, have hard wired...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Nope, mine are homemade at £5 and half inch 12mm to me and you..
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Hi Pileway, do you mean the ones at the bottom of my bars, made them myself but can shae the info, cost me £5 for the pair with wiring.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Finally and thanks to Deftoner, fitted my hand guard extenders, fitted some handguard protectors from Hepco and Becker at the same time, shame were still not allowed to ridee else I'd give a report on how the extenders work at speed, soon though hopefully will be back out on the road.
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    Stale fuel

    Strange, never had any issues with any of my bikes, one only comes out once or twice a year and never a problem, agree with the earlier post about the smell test but your in the UK, as long as you don't use supermarket fuel all should be good.
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    Hand Guard Extensions - 3D printing

    Looking good, what drawing software are you using.