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    New member in northwest Washington state

    Welcome aboard Todd, Enjoy your S10 and thanks for your kind offer to show people around! I am not near at all unfortunately.. Regards, Stefan.
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    I think this is what your bike does. This is mine:
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    Please keep it on the topic guys. I know how easy it is to derail ;) The battery has got nothing to do with this. Thanks!
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    Same here unfortunately, comes and goes. All summer was 100% now she starts doing it again, not a clue what it is though. Maybe @~TABASCO~ knows?
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    Hello from Sacramento and Northern California

    Welcome aboard. From the Netherlands, Stefan
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    What do we now think of the bike

    Sooooo….. the short version: you absolutely love the S10 and it is the go-to bike but the ZX is there for the rare sunny days?
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    Airhawk Pillion seat

    When I pack it as small as possible it is €11. That is for the entire lower 48.
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    Airhawk Pillion seat

    Brand new Airhawk pillion seat. I bought this one for my wife, but it is to small to cover the aftermarket seat I’ve got on. I guess it fits the OEM pillion seat better. So I got a bigger one for my wife, now it’s fine. This one is used one time and in perfect condition. I paid €110 and am...
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    New to the Forum.

    Welcome aboard Terry, From the Netherlands, Stefan
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    New member from The Netherlands

    Welcome aboard Racka, I am sure you will find the right bike for you. They have good handling and easy to maintain. From Fryslân, Stefan.
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    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    What an awesome bike! Love those oldies
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    Hey there! Jesse from the Desert here

    Welcome aboard Jesse! From the Netherlands, Stefan
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    Hello from Victoria, BC, Canada

    Welcome aboard! From the Netherlands, Stefan
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    Hello from Colombia

    Welcome aboard Gustavo, Good to hear you properly use the bike, enjoy the future plans! From the Netherlands, Stefan.
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    Dad got mad and said I should say Hello :{

    Congratulations on the bike and welcome aboard! From the Netherlands, Stefan.