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    Touratech failure

    Pray tell us - how old is this rack? (you have no invoice/receipt I believe) Was it cracked when you purchased the bike? I suspect the answers are ... N/K & No. Just live a little, get it welded, strengthened if you see fit, & move on with life. In the future, make sure you observe...
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    Touratech failure

    Seems unusual, unless it's been overloaded at some stage; or stressed with high speed riding. You have a Gen1 bike, so how old is this TT rack? I can recall a few cases where Altrider racks cracked, which IIRC was due to over-torquing countersunk mountings, but this seems unlikely with TT. A...
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    Giving up the Tenere? The nearly incoherent ramblings of a 9 year Tenere owner.

    I've got the old F650GSSE (800cc 360 twin), a 2012 bike with micro-mileage that came my way. A few years back I had an early Honda Pacific Coast (very rare in the UK) going nowhere in the garage, so a swap was agreed. What a brilliant little bike it is too - DM's 750 is the modern day...
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    Motorcycle sharing and exchange!

    Checks has highlighted the downsides of the idea - on balance, far too many IMHO. With the Covid-19 virus diminished, but still lurking, I'm not sure Italy is a good idea this year anyway. Getting caught up in a second wave lockdown could prove expensive & mighty inconvenient.
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    Engine Noise

    Wear some ear /noise protection , as we all should anyway, & you won't notice. Simple foam earplugs will crop at least 30 Db. My 2014 ES is pretty quiet now & only clatters if I give it hard throttle from low revs. Spank my old Electraglide & it let's me know all about it, even on OE pipes...
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    Crashed last Friday. Maybe a totaled bike

    Bad luck; just glad you are OK. It's important to get back in the saddle & move on IMHO, often more difficult if you take the buy back route. Anyway, let's hope you get a decent settlement with your insurers whatever you decide.
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    OBD2 port

    Early Super10s were Euro 3 compliant, with an inbuilt self diagnostic system, which works well IMHO. Euro 4 came along for 2017-2020, which introduced an OBD1 port to hook up for diagnostics...
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    license Plate Light issue

    You don't say whether the dead bulbs just have a fractured filament, or whether there is black residue witness within the glass. The former suggests a low quality auto bulb that can't take the vibes, maybe a bulb that's a slightly loose in the bulb-holder; the latter a voltage spike scenario...
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    NGK SPARK PLUG DEAL - Looks like a good deal. Plenty of fakes around on the internet, so take care elsewhere.
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    Low seat

    Tony Archer could reshape your existing seat, to your custom requirements ......
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    Help with Code 43 after battery change. 4 hours late already

    Something has been disturbed in the battery swap process. Tabasco's link in #2 would suggest you check the ABS fuses first, before worrying over the likes of ABS pumps & ECUs.
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    Clutch switch

    IIRC the gear position indicator works by comparing wheel rotation/road speed with engine revs. It's a crude device, so can't do the calculation with the clutch pulled in. Let's hope for better if we ever get a Gen3.
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    Rattling noise front down by front tire?

    If all the spokes are all good, torqued up correctly with no rim cracks & the wheel bearings run OK, then It's time to take the wheel out & investigate further. Are you running a tyre pressure monitoring system that could have broken loose or a an aftermarket tyre valve? When was the tyre...
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    Clutch switch

    Correct @Boris. Notorious for failing, on this & many other bikes in my experience. The S10 has a double micro-switch arrangement, some just use a single.
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    Xt1200z suspension settings

    Get yourself an ES (ZE), gen2 model, 2014 onwards & peace will prevail.