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    Replacing clutch lever

    What does 'didn't work' actually mean? Is the lever solid, does it pump the master but nothing happens at the slave or is the lever dead/floppy.
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    UK Dealer Response to Mileage Rant

    It's the way of the World. No point blaming dealers, it's market forces. Punters want new or low mileage used bikes in the UK, where a majority of bikes purchased are for discretionary leisure use. Something like 4000 pa or less is the sweet spot. High service costs for say valve checks &...
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    Front Fork torque specs? 012 std.

    You live adjacent to a desert - probably just dirt/grit under the seal lip, after say some heavy braking. Have you tried one of these: -...
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    Need help with Vibrations post 4.5K RPMS

    TB sync won't be having any significant effect at 4500 rpm +. The usual issues with vibes are missing bar end weights, the clutch basket on gen 1 bikes, failing coil sticks, dodgy spark plugs (there are fakes around) or the drive shaft UJ failing. Otherwise, I wonder if this is a TPS/APS...
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    Front End Bounce / Hop

    Sometimes, if they aren't too distorted, it's possible to use a ratchet strap around the circumference of the tyre. Gently tighten & that's often enough to allow you to get them inflated
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    Trans European trail

    Unless you have off road experience, green lane riding, trials, MX, then I suspect you will find the S10 a huge challenge, as some have suggested. At some stage, a fall is almost inevitable, so it's best to start out riding something lightweight & purpose built, that you can pick up easily...
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    Front End Bounce / Hop

    I agree. There just has to be a slight run-out on that front tyre. Either the bead isn't seating, the tyre was damaged/distorted in transit/storage, or the rim is out of true. The max runout that is acceptable is less than 2mm IIRC. There is some chatter on the KTM forums about the bars...
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    From Sunny Sunny Singapore

    Welcome from a snow covered Bedfordshire, UK.
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    Hard start and shutting down after 10-20 sec.

    You posted a code 19 side/kick stand switch error code on your other thread, so I don't see the point of starting a new thread here TBH. The stand switch, which links with the clutch switch, stops the bike being run when in gear with the stand down & the clutch out. It is a common problem for...
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    Motorcycle museum destoyed by fire in AUSTRIA

    Very sad indeed. One has to wonder quite how this could happen on a freezing cold January night up at 2200 m, so it will be interesting to learn more idc. The last time I passed through, was summer 2018, when our schedule didn't allow us time to stop for a look around the place after we got...
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    How long does the fuel pump last?

    The fuel pump/filter wouldn't be the first place I would be looking TBH. Before embarking on a hunt for the reasons behind your hard start issue, it's always a good idea to start by checking for fault/error codes. You can interrogate the system via the dash on a 2012. Have you checked the...
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    NOT BIKE can anybody UK wise give opinions need a new car battery

    GSF are doing some promo deals at present, nearest store for C&C is Cardiff: - .................
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    This was said to be water ingress, but remember the bike was whipped away by KTM UK for a fix; I don't think they used the local dealer. There is plenty of clever & attractive tech around, on bikes & in cars with complex TFT dash displays, but one does wonder how it will stand the test of time.
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    Husqvarna 901cc

    It's really only a KTM with Husky styling & we are still only seeing the concept bikes rather than pre-production - it seems that roll out is a foregone conclusion though, with deliveries sometime in early 2022. It's different; I quite like it too, but not enough to tempt me to change.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Definitely....... NO. Don't be tempted to overtighten the exhaust studs. If they are blowing at the head interface, fit new gaskets (rings) part #17 on the attached diagram.